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Wutang 11-13-2000 09:18 PM

I want to replace my current 1.5 gain Vutec with a higher gain screen. Due to living in an apt, I can only mount the projector on the floor. I wanted to buy a Da-snap High Power screen with T legs (Cant mount on wall due to screen being in front of a window). I was told the price is $780 for the screen and $261 for the legs, which is crazy considering the price of the manual rolldowns. I really dont like how a rolldown looks, plus I dont want to worry about wrinkles. Are there any other retro-reflective high gain screens I could look at for about $500 in a 45 x 80 aspect ratio with a fixed frame?


wireburn 11-14-2000 04:49 AM


Go for the pulldown HP, you won't regret it. For the size you're talking, you won't have any wrinkle problems, which happen when you go over about 92" wide, IMO. I have the HP in 96" wide and I'm just starting to notice a little "V" after several weeks of hanging. For $500 you could almost get an electric.


MrWigggles 01-03-2001 05:30 PM

I would also like to know the answer to this topic.


I am actually looking for a retroreflective screen that doesn't have quite as much gain.

-Mr. Wigggles

KBK 01-03-2001 05:43 PM

Only the glass bead material will provide the retro-reflective characteristic. Changing the gain will cause other problems.

It can be done, but the screen design was chosen due to the high gain, and the retro part was just part of the package deal you signed on with - to get the gain.

The two are inseparable unless the persons or companies involved saw enough demand to go to a lower gain design. It would seem a bit difficult to consistenly manufacture, and the other problems, (which I cannot discuss, without getting into proprietary and hard fought for understandings) would dominate the overall considerations enough to make designing such a real headache. At that point, a company might just consider selling you some other screen design....

For example, you could put a retro surface on a curved screen, but to exactly no effect....same gain as flat. (theoretically)

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