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fulabeer's Avatar fulabeer 01:38 PM 12-31-2000
After reading this forums review of the beta of the greyhawk, and being on a budget I've just painted my screen (new plastered wall) with a grey paint. I got four match pots of variable shades of grey. I painted each shade in a quarter of the screen and left a square in the middle brilliant white. I found the darkest grey (no3) no use at all as it did give perfect blacks but in space scenes etc the faint stars also disappeared!. The lightest grey shade (no6) was fine for leaving brightness alone (although it did still darken whites) but didn't really make much difference to blacks. It did however help contrast in depth of the picture ie things didn't look as washed out. The next darkest shade of grey (no5) looked excellent on blacks also you could see most stars, etc. But it subdued whites a little to much. I compromised by mixing the lightest (no6) with the next darkest ( no5) and found this to be my ideal. You may find this to be to dark/light etc. After watching with a grey screen for a while with no white screen to compare, whites are more than exceptable due to the blacks looking so much better! ie contrast range. I have read about other people saying it gives a more 3D look (picture depth) and it is amazing!!!. Dark films were a pain and to be avoided ( aka pitch black etc). Even wild wild west is unbelievable!. Sorry for all the !! marks but it makes that much difference. People may have to use a primer first etc then use the paint listed below:

DULUX ICE STORM No5 00nn 53/00
DULUX ICE STORM No6 00nn 72/00
These are matt emulsions

Then just mix in equal quantities. :PAUL: (Tested with Toshiba MT1z -700 ansi)
Living in the UK things are a little behind (ie panamorph lens etc). But have found Gordon Fraser to be a great help. So eventually i hope to be able to buy/demo a greyhawk!. :Paul:

Nuff said!

reality intrudes's Avatar reality intrudes 06:41 PM 12-31-2000
Originally posted by fulabeer:

DULUX ICE STORM No5 00nn 53/00
DULUX ICE STORM No6 00nn 72/00
These are matt emulsions
Then just mix in equal quantities. :PAUL: (Tested with Toshiba MT1z -700 ansi):Paul:
I discovered this site just a couple days ago and I am shaking with excitement. My wife wonders about treatment but when I told her it was going to cost alot of money with no guarantee of cure she looked like she wasn't sure I was worth it.

Anybody know if this paint is available on this side of the Atlantic?

Have a semper fidelity new year all!
I have already learned so much from you.
CCLAY's Avatar CCLAY 10:59 PM 01-01-2001

I searched long and hard and came up Benjamin Moore Super Hide Latex Flat. Pastel Base 282 1B. It is a true white. I then mixed by trial and error, Instint Colorant Lamp Black, 2 oz. is PLENTY! Also available at your local paint store. The lamp black is watery, like ink.

Be very careful and mix outside! And don't drink a sixer a Molson Goldens while you're doing it eitherhttp://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smilies/eek.gif Save it for the celebration of your new and improved image.

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