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klutzo 01-05-2001 10:05 PM

Uh oh.... I think I'm in trouble...

I have a Dalite Model B I believe 2.8 Gain screen.

I just purchased a Proxima DX3, and I'm not sure if the screen is going to be TOO bright for the projector. Any advice fellow HTers?


threed123 01-06-2001 01:10 PM


As Marcus says, the HP is a floor mount screen. However, for you, it would be ideal as a ceiling mount, as the gain is about 1 to 1.5 when used in a reflective position. It is such a durable and great screen you will also get a great image at 80 degrees off centre with your bright projector. You will have to try it of course to make sure.


Marcus of Markdom 01-06-2001 09:56 PM

I'm about to consider a Dalite HP screen and I'll share the benefit of my research:

Make sure your PJ is floor mounted, not ceiling. The Dalite HP is "retro-reflective" meaning it will reflect light back toward the source producing it. (Do a search on "retro-reflective")

If the Proxima is a DLP with some hefty light output, it may be too bright, but depending on the ambient light it MAY work. I've not gotten mine yet, so I'm not positive about this. I'll be using mine with a CRT front projector.

Try the Greyhawk screen everyone is raving about if you're really unhappy about it, it's apparently the cat's meow.

In addition, get the ANSI light output for the Proxima and look up the foot lambert measurement for the projector. The was a post recently with this formula (within the last few weeks). Anything over 45-50 foot lamberts will produce hotspotting and color shifting (no color shift on DLP)

Good luck...

klutzo 01-08-2001 07:54 AM

THanks for the advice all.

As to floor mounted? For the Screen or the Projector? Currently I am using a Sharpvision ceiling mounted, and have my Dalite Model B also ceiling mounted. This seems to be the only situation that is workable in my room. People getting up from the couch would provide too much of a "Hey you down in front" type reaction. SO far the system with the LCD proj sees to work quite well.

How do you floor mount a screen? Have a chain that goes to a pulley system in the ceiling?

10Q all!


Klutzo, the newbie HT Boy.
BA mains, Energy surrounds and sub.
Sharpvision main FP
Sony Wega aux monitor
Dalite 2.8 Gain screen

threed123 01-08-2001 12:47 PM

By floor mount we mean the projector. Usually all screens are mounted close to the ceiling in my experience.


edc 01-09-2001 01:59 AM


Markus explained why you _have_ to put the projector at the same level as the viewers: it's because the Da-Lite High Power screen is retro-reflective. In other words, it reflects the light back from where it came.

If you want to mount your PJ on the ceiling, you should try to sit/hang on the ceiling too... are you Batman or something http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif ?

Anyway, yoy may have had good results so far with your ceiling mounted projector, because the High Power fabric is equivalent to a unity gain fabric when used out of its specified angle. In other words, if you keep your projector on the ceiling, you'll never leverage the "High Power" (is it interesting for a digital projector... I doubt it) but will still get reasonably good results. I presonally prefer a Da-Mat or any other true unity gain fabric, but the high power is OK.

Just for fun, I would recommend you to try a little experiment: just put your projector on a coffie table and try your screen the way it was intended to be used: you'll be amazed at the difference http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

wireburn 01-09-2001 03:04 AM


I agree with what you're saying about the High Power being acceptable for some ceiling-mount situations, but you're forgetting the other advantages that the HP provides.

Since most light hitting the screen is sent back instead of being diffused, ambient lighting can be tolerated from the side even when the screen is viewed from a less than optimum viewing angle. Also consider that even when the vertical viewing angle is less than optimum the horizontal incidence remains the same, giving great brightness uniformity across the image.


klutzo 01-09-2001 11:38 AM

Well I do notice quite a difference when I stand up and watch a movie.. That's the High Power working itz magic I suppose. The bad part is that I don't want people's heads getting in the way of the picture. I do have quite a low slung coffee table, but I'd still prefer it to be ceiling mounted in some fashion. *SIGH* I guess I'll keep playing around.

Klutzo, the newbie HT Boy.
BA mains, Energy surrounds and sub.
Sharpvision main FP
Sony Wega aux monitor
Dalite 2.8 Gain screen

edc 01-10-2001 03:44 AM


I totaly agree with you. Thanks for bringing these points. Indeed, I have to admit a great brightness uniformity whith that kind of fabric. In fact, the first time I saw a HP fabric was at in a reseller's demo room. The guy was projecting a ceiling mounted CRT and I was truly impressed by the lack of hotspotting and by the incredible brightness uniformity. I was not impressed by the gain tough and had a hard time believing this realy was a 2.8 gain factor. Of course I realized later on why http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

What puzzled me is why do people buy "high power" screen fabrics for: is it mainly for the high gain, or is it because they'd like to get better control of ambient light. From a marketing standpoint, I believe Da-Lite positions their High Power fabric as "High Power" and that's it... so I guess that's why people buy it. If so, then I think people should better use it correctly, don't you think so?

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[This message has been edited by edc (edited 01-10-2001).]

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