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I have been following the screens forum for several months. Due to the big piece to bite off with the purchase of the Dila and ISCO (Thanks Alan!) as well as the sound system, I have gone with a painted wall (roller, bright white on drywall).

My concern is the "punch" of the picture. When I looked at a friend's CRT (Sony 1250Q, 96" screen, type unknown) and recently at another friend's RPTV (60" mits 16:9) they both seemed to almost glow. In contrast, my picture, while fine with great colors and plenty bright, seems a little dull.

I just have the feeling that something with higher reflectance (gain?) will give the picture that "something extra". Am I just having Theater envy or is this perception real?

I am seriously thinking about a high gain screen, however, all teh talk about the GreyHawk has me thinking I should go for the lower gain but better contrast GH. somehow, however, this seems contrary to my perceptions about what I think the screen should do for the PQ. I guess I'm thinking all those little glass beads will give a bit of a "glow" to the image.

Dean McManis posts (are you listening?) that he has gone from a 144" High Power screen with a CRT to a DILA G1000 and now to a G15 ISCO combo with a 180" GreyHawk. This seems to be a good combo. I would think my G11/ISCO must be putting out a similarly bright picture at its smaller screen size of 138". Is the PQ really helped with the greyhawk or what?

I am not sure, but I think some of the problem may be the room itself. I have read that the ambient light can really degrade quality--while the room is totally light controlled, it is painted a beige color (WAF issues). The painted wall screen throws off a good bit of light, which I assume is reflected back onto the screen itself. Will this kill any screen I use?

Can anyone shed any light on the subject?



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Hi Ham,

Has your G11 been calibrated yet? Out of the box my G15 had 250:1 contrast which looked good, but definitely lacked the punch of the 500:1 contrast after calibration.

The Grayhawk does add contrast and black level, but it comes across as the picture having more depth and detail, rather than punch.

The punch comes from brightness. When I had my last Draper M2500 screen it's 2.3 gain definitely added more punch, which helps with light control issues. Of course having a larger screen combined with lots of light does bring out problems with light reflections.

After getting the larger screen I could visibly see the reflected light off the ceiling, walls and floor splashing back on the screen, washing out the image.

My solution was darkening the ceiling, and putting black velvet curtains on the walls, and it made an improvement, especially for the image contrast on the edges of the screen.

We are both at the edge of the brightness vs. screen size spectrum, and it is a trade off between screen size, brightness, contrast, and black level. So with such a large screen, you will not have the retina-searing brightness of a RPTV or tube TV, but the immersiveness is a worthwhile tradeoff for me.

You might try to add some dark curtains if possible to reduce the reflected light.


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