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PaulG 01-25-2001 05:04 PM

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Going for my first CRT (Marquee 8000) and have about $2000 for screen and processor. Should I go for a Stewart screen and a DVDO or a cheaper screen and CI or Quadscan processor?
What's the best bang for the buck and why?


KBK 01-25-2001 06:40 PM

That's a toughie. It all depends on what 'does it' for you, with regards to an image. If you are a detail freak, or if that aspect concerns you at all and you have excellent eyesight, AND you want to get the most out of the projector, then a quadscan and a less costly screen might do you good. If color uniformity, and corectness of the image, with regards to colortemp and the like concerns you, then a Stewart Studiotek 130 (medium size screen, ie 94" or so) screen and a DVDO might be the way to go. the color rendition and correctness of the image coming from a better screen is hard to do without once you have seen it.

Processors come and go. A good screen can last through many projectors. It is best to get it right... from the start. That way, you always have a reference to use as a touchstone. One must remember, at first glance a excellent screen seems like a simple endeavor. Nothing is further from the truth. It is not eay to arrive an an excellent screen that survives all attacks on it's integrety; that WILL occur over time. The reason the Stewart screens have survived and flourished over such a long time period is that because they are simply good enough to do what is required of an excellent screen: STAY OUT OF THE WAY OF THE IMAGE. DISAPPEAR. This is not a simple task, I say again... So, take a look towards buying the Stewart first, and then buy a better processor...this way, you always have a reference to turn to. Cheap screens lead to too many pathways to doubt. Not good.

Perhaps move towards the HTPC, or the new ROCK processor.... If the DVD is your main source of a signal, then the HTPC is hard (scratch that, in the best of circumstances, nearly impossible) to beat, and if your current computer is fast enough, then there is no reason it cannot stand as a starting point for such a venture. Very little else is required to be placed within it's innards to change it to a HTPC..if it is at least a celeron 600. It's only major drawback is the steep learning curve required if you are not computer savvy.

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jdb 01-26-2001 06:45 AM

Heck man, just reading some of these posts is a "toughie". I am of the mind that projectors come and go with an amazing disreguard for sound finacial planning...where as screens, on the other side of the room, are positioned and then disreguarded with an amazing sence of "looks good to me". I am also of the mind that I have no idea of how to make make my point here, so I stop and say, "Go for the screen!"

Now where is my thumb, jdb

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