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orangele 01-27-2001 10:52 PM

I have been putting together my home theater, and purchased a Sony VPL-VW10HT, and a 16:9 119inch diagonal Da-Lite High power screen. I bought the HP screen because of its reported very bright picture even in relatively high ambient light situations. I must say that the projector has undergone no adjustments, but even in low light viewing, with the viewing occurring from as close as possible to the projector lens (the HP screen is retro-reflective, and the maximum light reflectance occurs the light source), I find the picture not to be very bright at all. I have been doing my initial viewing in the Cinema black mode, and when I turn the cinema black mode off, the picture does brighten up, but nowhere to the point where the picture could be considered to be good in relatively normal ambient light. Anyone have any thoughts on what might be going on?

CHUCK GIGLIO 01-28-2001 08:56 AM

is your projector table or ceiling mounted?

orangele 01-28-2001 12:00 PM

My screen bottom is about 6 feet off the floor( above a fireplace mantle), and the projector is currently positioned about 3 feet off the floor (about the same height as my viewing position, right next to the projector). Eventually the projector will be mounted about six feet off the floor about 23 feet from the screen (I have bought a Buhl long throw lens to accomplish this). I would expect that changing the projector height as mentioned would only decrease viewing brightness.

Marcus of Markdom 01-28-2001 09:54 PM

I would agree...

What did you use as a screen before?

Mark Ward

Marcus of Markdom 01-28-2001 10:52 PM

I was always under the impression that LCD, DLP or DiLA projectors would not benefit from the HP because of the fantastic brightness these technologies exhibit when producing a picture.

In addition, as Chuck mentioned via his question, the HP is a retroreflective screen and will reflect light back to the source which projected it. Therefore if you are using a ceiling mounted pj, sit on the ceiling to enjoy the high power benefits of this material. If you watch from a seated position, the HP will give you a 1.0 gain with a cieling pj.

I received my 92x52 Dalite Permawall High Power screen and all I can say is WOW. It replaced a 1.3 Dalite Model B pulldown and the difference is NOT subtle. Brighter, more contrasty, AND NO WRINKLES!!!!

I'm using a line doubled Sony 1252Q pj, about 200 ANSI lumens. My projector is on the floor.

Mark Ward

klutzo 01-29-2001 03:38 PM

Just to dispel a myth, the HP screens will reflect back whatever type of light is thrown at them.. be it an LCD, DLP, or CRT gun. I just hooked up my DX3 to my HP and yes, there is retro-reflectivity goin on. Unfortunately my setup tends to reduce the effectiveness of my screen.

My FP is mounted on a ceiling fixture about 7 ft up. My Screen is mounted on the ceiling about 7 ft as well, and drops down about 6 ft... Seating is on the floor. =>


Klutzo, the newbie HT Boy.
BA mains, Energy surrounds and sub.
Sharpvision main FP
Sony Wega aux monitor
Dalite 2.8 Gain screen
Radshack SPL Meter

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