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Teran 01-24-2001 10:55 PM

Does anyone know where to buy fabric suitable for screens that is wider than 60"? Most that I have seen are only 54" wide.

This will be the second screen I have built. I did one up for use with an LCD projector and it worked well. I now have an NEC 6PG ceiling mounted for use with a 80"x60" 4:3 screen in a light controlled environment.

The screen will be built into a screen wall so I have a lot of options for tacking and mounting.

I have seen people suggest bed sheets and vinyl roller shades. Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share?

As an alternative, does anyone have any experience mounting the fabric from a DaLite pulldown in a permanent frame? They run cheap on ebay.

DMan 01-24-2001 11:58 PM


If your sold on Da-Lite, then I believe that they sell just their screen fabric with grommet holes along the edge so you can lace up the screen and attach it to a homemade screen frame.

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Teran 01-25-2001 01:20 AM

No, I'm not set on DaLite. I would like to have a Stewart http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif, but that is in the future.

I'm searching for low cost alternatives that provide a decent picture with the minimum of hassle. I am projecting a 80"x60" image and am interested in any ideas that might let me build an affordable screen of that height.

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TGroom 01-25-2001 07:25 AM

Well, if you don't mind painting you can use artist canvas, they will go much larger than 54". Downside is getting it nice and smooth. There was a post earlier about someone using canvas "dropcloth" from Home Depot, check the thread about pictures of DIY screens. I don't know how thick regular screens are, but you could always buy the one from ebay and mount it with porch screen spline, the same way many(including myself) have done with the blackout cloth. I ran into the same problem when I was making mine, so I comprimised and went with a 72" wide screen and blackout cloth on sale at JoAnnes. Good luck.


dyip 01-28-2001 05:36 PM

I was just at the art store. 120" wide fabric goes for $15.99 a yard. It's not primed though. So it's just a natural cotton color. Not good to use as a screen raw, but if you are going to be painting it grey anyways...


kelliot 01-28-2001 08:12 PM

If you are using a canvas, give it several coats of paint/primer to smooth out the texture. The texture can be very annoying.

Ken Elliott

Teran 01-29-2001 12:56 AM

When painting something that large what would you use - brush, roller, or spray? I would think spray would be the only way to get an even coat.

I like the idea of painter's dropcloth if it can be found without weave irregularities. It seems four or five coats with a sprayer should achieve a smooth uniform coat.

I will probably go with something a little more robust than 1"x4" framing, though. At 80"x60" there is just too much a tendency to warp and twist.

bwolff 01-29-2001 09:31 AM

I haven't seen a drop cloth that was made with pieces larger then 54". If you are going to paint it why not use a king sized bed sheet? You can pick them up for $15. Might not be ridged enough though. Check out www.Chicagodrop.com for artist canvas and Muslin.

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Teran 01-29-2001 11:09 AM

I suppose sheets might work if I were to use multiple plys -- especially if they are under tension. I could use a black sheet for the base and then two whites. That way fewer coats of paint could be used. I would probably get a smoother finish.

bwolff 01-30-2001 07:53 AM

Lets not get 3 sheets to the wind and try this.

Champagne tastes with a beer budget

DarrinLinders 01-30-2001 08:09 AM

Hey Teran,

I'm just in the process of finishing an upgrade to my DIY blackout fabric screen. I took a cue from kal here on the forum and painted the blackout fabric (vinyl side) with Behr ultra pure white eggshell. The key to making it level properly was to use flotrol (available at home depot).

Just a thought if you plan to paint whatever surface you come up with...




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