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wingryder 01-31-2001 05:22 PM

I have a Sharp XVP10U LCD projector. It will be
mounted eye level about 13 feet from screen.
Which is these pull down screens would be best?. I am using a
JoAnn Blackout now and its good but too dark. (room is dark)
Dalite- matte white, Video Spectre, Glass Bead or High Power
Draper- matte white, glass bead, or F1500. DVD Movies only.
thanks for your input.

pcdoctor 02-01-2001 01:42 AM

If you go with a dalite model b pull down, make sure you get the high power because wrinkles don't show.


Jordan 02-01-2001 04:41 PM

Ditto on the HiPower & wrinkles - it reduces the effects. It won't eliminate them, though. It does work in ceiling mount configs, contrary to DaLite's own advice. It just ends up like a 1.4-1.6 gain screen instead of a 2.5-2.8. I have one for my 10HT and it is quite nice. Just look out, 'cause on-axis (max gain) the picture looks a tad grainy.


wingryder 02-03-2001 01:01 PM

Thanks to both on the replies so far. I have contacted several
manufactures and now waiting for samples to arrive.
Any other tricks to increase brightness? Like shadow boxes?
(no, cant make a projector change right now)

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