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uncle eric 02-02-2001 04:06 PM

Having nicely installed my Electric Tab Tentioned 16x9 studio tek, for the life of me I cant find the down limit control.
The instructions describe the control as being inside the rubber gromet on the left near the motor.
This I think is the yellow (dont touch) up wards limiter.
The screen is coming down around 4/5 inches to far down. What to do?

Don Stewart 02-02-2001 08:30 PM

Dear Eric,

Lets see if we can walk you through this.
First of all I am assuming that the motor and and electrical hook ups are on the left of the screen housing when viewed from the projector side of your screen. If your hook ups are located on the right side of the screen then you have a special ordered reversed rolled unit and the following instructions must be disregarded.
You will need the following tools:
1. Small Flat head screwdriver with at least a 4 inch long shaft.
2. Flashlight
3. A safe stable platform to stand on
4. Helpful hint : A small mirror, like the type found in a woman's make up case, is helpful for locating the limit switch if screen is mounted in a tight space. Before you start make sure the screen is fully up and in its housing.

Their are 2 limit switches on your unit. The yellow one controls the fully up position and the white one controls the fully down position. Since we want the screen to have 4 inches less of travel when its in the fully down position we need to adjust the white limit switch. To locate limit switches
look up through the long slot in the housing where the screen descends .
On the left side of the slot, and just adjacent to the end of the screen roller tube, you will see a yellow limit switch. About 1/2" forward of the yellow limit switch and up about a 1/4" is the white limit switch. If the screen is mounted tightly on the wall here is where the mirror and flash light might be helpful for you to get a visual on the white limit switch. You will also find adjustment access hole in the lower front housing so that you can turn the limit switch with a screwdriver. Once the screwdriver has been inserted through the access hole and into the limit switch adjustment head you will want to turn the adjustment in a COUNTER clockwise rotation. Try a few turns then run screen down. If you have over adjusted and now need to lower the screen a little leave screen in down position with the power still engaged. Now turn adjustment clockwise. The screen will lower as you turn the adjustment. This way you can find tune the adjustment to a fraction of an inch.

I hope this helps.

[This message has been edited by Don Stewart (edited 02-03-2001).]

uncle eric 02-03-2001 04:31 PM

It really is great having you as a fellow member in this forum. You are right of course. The white limit switch is right next to the yellow one. A bit difficult to see while I was casually looking. I guess this is where the flashlight and mirror comes in handy.
Don, just an observation, but for folk who install the screens for themselves like me, maybe an idiot(also like me) proof diagram instead of only written instructions would be a little clearer.
The way the manual is worded its not obvious that both the yellow and white switches are through the same hole. (I ended up looking everywhere else.)
One more small point (and I hope good feedback), my screen is UK spec therefore it is 220/240 volts. The wiring diagram in the supplied manual is (I assume) USA procedure. It shows red wire etc. Of course my screen came with the correct wiring brown/blue/earth/black.
I managed to wire/connect everything ok, but again, if you supply a european spec product then it should also come with euro wiring diagram. Sorry to moan, but I just thought I would bring this to your attention.
By the way. The screen looks absolutely fantastic.
kindest regards

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