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Kevin Coleman 01-23-2001 05:42 PM

Has anybody ever heard of a good way to set up a FPTV for RP with about a 92" screen. I know they make RPTV screens for this but they are very expensive so I have heard about 4000.00 Is there a cheaper DIY alternative. Thanks.

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KBK 01-23-2001 07:21 PM

We will be adding such a paint to our product line in the future...so you can spray a plastic film material (damn, you'd better paint evenly!). If that turns out be a dismal failure due to consistency problems... then you would really have to shop around. I think it can be done, it will just have to ba a product that requires multiple thinned layers, to cut the accumulative effect of overlap errors. No lensing effect, though. Low gain only.

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sstieferman 01-24-2001 10:40 PM

Last summer I completed an RPTV type screen out of the "frosted" privacy film that can be purchased at the local home improvement store. It was sold in rolls 4 feet wide by 15 feet in the one I got.

48 inches tall would yield a 16x9 image that is 85" horizontally and approx 98" diagionally.

Here's how things worked for me. I cut a hole in the side of a storage shed next to the pool and mounted the glass. Then I squeeged the film onto the window following the directions. Piece of cake. Only problem was the major reflection on the glass with the film on the inside of the shed. Placed film on outside of glass and it worked awesome. One thing to consider is to "low" mount the projector so that you can not see directly into the bulb path, otherwise there is a large white "hotspot". I place my 400 lumen sony down low. From pool level / seated position the picture was perfect. If you stood up, things got pretty bad.

Another really cool thing to try is to put this film on a first surface mirror.... Unfortunatly the largest size I had was about 30" square, but the picture was sweet!

To bad the temp in texas this summer was over 110 the week that I built the screen. Needless to say that the screen looked like bubble pop by the following weekend. This stuff should work pretty well, if you keep it indoors...



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