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CINERAMAX 02-01-2001 03:42 PM

It is Hollographic. a 10" by 10" sheet was awesome.

maxcat@wave.co.nz 02-01-2001 05:43 PM

Yeah yeah...but what's the viewing cone like from that angle..?

CINERAMAX 02-01-2001 10:21 PM

You can spec the options:

20 degrees
60 "
95H by 35V
40H by 20V This is the one I have. You can shoot a search light unto the image from bellow it and it ignores it.

One night in 1967 I saw the Jetsons. Became personally comitted to excellence in Large screen displays, since....

noah katz 02-02-2001 01:02 AM


Does it look dark without a projector illuminating it? Otherwise how could the black levels be any good?



CINERAMAX 02-04-2001 12:57 AM


Hi , this thing looks like the aluminium curved screen materials but when the projection hits it the whites become pretty good. Yes it is deffinetly giving a little of an augmented gray screen effect .

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