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Jeff Lemke's Avatar Jeff Lemke 04:31 AM 02-01-2001
I thought curving a screen would be fairly simple but after searching through the posts nobody has done this and there must be a reason why. The screens I have read about are fairly complex. I have never played with screen material so to those who have the answer to this will probably be obvious. I wanted to take some screen material with sewn velcro or something on the top and bottom, cut an arc out of a simple 11 ft. long 2x4 at the top and bottom (11ft. long for the width of screen, 1.5" wide to attach velcro or snaps, and cut in a 1.5" depth of arc). Attach them firmly to the wall and attach the mating velcro strips to both the top and bottom. Then simply attach the screen with velcro at the top, pull out wrinkles and attach to the bottom. Simple right? Please explain why this won't work.

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bwolff's Avatar bwolff 05:53 AM 02-01-2001
I can tell you not to use a 2x4. use 2 or 3 layers of 3/4 plywood stacked on top of each other. 2x4's warp and twist. Not very stable. About the screen part I don't know.

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Jeff Lemke's Avatar Jeff Lemke 06:14 AM 02-01-2001
You're right. Thanks for the tip. I am actually considering several materials for that part (including steel or aluminum). The Important part is the application of the screen. Makiing it somewhat tight without being so tight that it creates vertical wrinkles. I think the key is to receive a screen that has not been folded or has a creases at all. Again, I am assuming without total knowledge. Any thoughts o this are very much welcome.

Jeff Lemke's Avatar Jeff Lemke 01:23 PM 02-01-2001

Thanks for the reply and, yes, I do agree. But DOES it have to be tensioned horizontally? This is really what I don't know. I was hoping someone may have tried this before I jump head first into experimentation. Even then, investing in a actual screen to find out what happens might be a bit risky. A shower curain or something of that nature comes with to many wrinkles/creases to determine how tight things might need to be pulled. Once again, have no experience with actual screen material, so I hope I can rely on the experience or suggestions from all of you. Thanks for all of your input so far.

Jeffrey's Avatar Jeffrey 10:55 PM 02-01-2001
Originally posted by Jeff Lemke:
Then simply attach the screen with velcro at the top, pull out wrinkles and attach to the bottom. Simple right? Please explain why this won't work.

Hi Jeff

I think you have it right. The problem will arise if the material needs to be tensioned horizontally too. In that direction, tensioning pulls the material out of the curvature you desire. You probably already figured this out, but I thought I would mention it. I would guess that tension both vertically and horizontally would be required, causing the stated problem.

Jeff Streitz
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KFung's Avatar KFung 09:16 PM 02-02-2001
I don't think there's a big problem with this solution, most of the curved screens that other people talk about are curved on the top and bottom, but also on the sides. I don't think warping due to tensioning on the horizontal support will be that big a problem, the vertical tensioning will work the keep the curvature close to ideal in the center. Deviation from your ideal curve should not be detrimental in the center areas of the screen. Also, one of the fixed Stewart screens has an option to curve the screen like your application (except they use steel tube) and these same types of screens are used in many modern theaters with no ill effects.

If you're willing, give it a go. I would also think that horizontal tensioning would be desireable on a screen that large, so leave it out with caution.

Good luck,

Kam Fung
Jeff Lemke's Avatar Jeff Lemke 08:40 AM 02-03-2001
All signs point to my giving it a shot. I may be ordering the material soon (next week). Please keep suggestions coming.


Jeffrey's Avatar Jeffrey 08:13 PM 02-04-2001
Hi Jeff

Why not try it with inexpensive blackout fabric the first time around?

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