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BGane 02-17-2001 12:13 PM

I am interested in the Stewart Grayhawk screen, but the first quote that I received just about blew me out of my chair -- $11,000 Canadian!! ($7300 USD)

So my question is -- what drives screen pricing? Is it feasible to get the Stewart Grayhawk at a price that won't require a second mortgage?

If we stay to the basics, my desirable size would be 96"x54" (100 diagonal)


Electric rollup
Low voltage with IR control

Again, as I've said, my only basic requirement is for a screen - gray - roughly 100" diagonal - which can roll up, but manual would be Ok.

If I am willing to compromise, do you think that we can get the price to something less than $5,000 Canadian ($3500 USD)??


dlptheater 02-17-2001 12:24 PM

I believe the addition of the electrimask adds ALOT to the price of your screen. If you go for a basic 16x9 manual pull down (stewart grey hawk) you are looking at a much cheaper screen. I'd recommend emailing Jason here at AVS and get a quote from him (grayhawk is 10% off this month).

jason@avscience.com <jason@avscience.com>



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