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johann 02-18-2001 11:50 PM

Kind of a silly question, but not being very "curtain" minded... What kind of fabric is best used for the side curtains (masking?). I'm assuming black for the color... but should this be velvet? Maybe someone could point me to a catalog item/number in JC Penney or someplace.


KUVA 02-19-2001 02:49 AM

There is no such thing as a silly question, I recommend that you try hunting around Department stores, maybe the cheapest vs. hand made. Velvet is fine, I guess the trick is to find something that works with you, and is a heaver pound weight material to it and that has the drapery curtain folds sown into it, to decrease light leakage. I found some great blue velvet drapery curtains at a second hand store.

Good luck

Deane Johnson 02-19-2001 12:15 PM

Black velvet.

Dean McManis 02-19-2001 02:27 PM

I use black velvet curtains on my side walls to reduce reflections, and I have crushed velvet valences to offset the look of the curtains.

I used black felt for my screen masking material as well.


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