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mmcdlc 02-23-2001 05:02 AM

Hey gang, not being a tech, and being new to front projection I'm extremely frustrated. Just received an Infocus LP350 projector. Cabinets are now being made to house a motorized screen. While watching the projector for the fist time last night on the wall, I did notice the 3" border light around the image on all 4 sides that gets mentioned here on the forum. I had thought I wanted a 100" diag. 16:9 with vertical masking and was leaning towards a Greyhawk from Stewart. The price is at least $1000 more than say a Draper M2500. As I watched several DVD's it appears each new DVD fills the screen area slightly differently which in my mind makes electric masking seem stupid for the money. If I'm right why buy the masking which is very expensive? Would the Greyhawk being grey help with the border light issue if you did not have masking, and at the same time, if I got a 4:3 Greyhawk, being a grey screen, would the bars at the top and bottom for 16:9 material be much more acceptable than a typical white screen? Any comments are very much appreciated especially if you own a 350! Somebody pls. tell me what to do, masking or no masking, 16:9 or 4:3 screen, Greyhawk or Draper or Dalite. Budget had been $2500 but the elec. masking Greyhawk is more like $3600, Draper with masking (M2500) more like $2500.

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