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mcascio 02-23-2001 07:03 PM

I'm close to purchasing the GrayHawk Screen and the Sony VPL-10HT Projector. I'm wondering if the GrayHawk Screen will work well with other projectors when I'm ready to upgrade. I'm hoping I'll only need to buy the screen once and just upgrade projectors.

Any advice is appreciated.

Mario Cascio
Webpromotion, Inc.

Jim Ferguson 02-24-2001 05:59 AM

The Grayhawk should be a good match with any of the current generation of digital projectors. It wouldn't be a good choice for a CRT projector that can do true blacks.

My hope is that the "need" for the Grayhawk screen will go away with improvements in digital projector technology. If you could buy an LCD, DLP, or DILA projector today that could display black as black rather than some flavor of gray there would be no point to the Grayhawk at all.

I'm currently using the StudioTek 130 screen with a CRT projector. I hope that by the time I "upgrade" to a new digital projector I'll be able to keep on using the screen I'm using right now...

ScottF200 02-24-2001 07:40 AM

I had the exact same thoughts. I have the 10HT and am ordering the GrayHawk next week. It is a lot of money for the GrayHawk 135" diag that I'm getting but I also am considering the next projector several years down the road which should be crisper and darker than the 10HT. I plan on still using GrayHawk then. It appears to me that the projector is a bigger factor in image quality than the screen (ignoring the source aspect in this comparison). I'm compensating for the the 10HTs pixels for such a large image with a lens from www.cgns.com which has worked well. (9' and 14' to answer the seating question <g> -- 14' is awesome and 9' is great).

My point? Consider the size of your screen as well for future use.

Scott Fauque

P.S. Your 3D website pictures are just slightly less than incredible (I saw them on another thread).

steve5097 02-24-2001 03:19 PM

In a dedicated home theater room, I agree that the "need" for a Greyhawk should go down in the future. On the other hand, newer projectors are gaining in output, so a screen gain < 1 can be overpowered by more lumens. In a non-dedicated room, especially with light colored walls, the grey screen should still be a benefit. Stewart's early measurements, in a non-black room, showed a measureable increase in contrast ratio (long discussions in this forum a few weeks ago).


kelliot 02-25-2001 08:33 AM

I'm not sure that I agree that the need for the Greyhawk will decrease.

One of the major benefits of gray screens is the reduction in re-reflected light.

Projectors with great contrast ratio still look great on gray screens. Actually most grey screens aren't extremely gray. (~80%)

Ken Elliott

Jim Ferguson 02-25-2001 03:14 PM

Well, maybe I'm just old fashioned. I think projection should be done in a darkened room. When my projector is displaying "black" I can't see my hand in front of my face. Black is black on the Studiotek 130. With a digital projector you're compensating for the fact that the projector is incapable of displaying black as black. Hoping that a gray screen will make up for this deficiency is just wishful thinking, as far as I'm concerned.

I have no opinion on the suitability of a gray screen for improving the display in cases where you leave the lights on when watching a movie http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

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