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mmcdlc 02-24-2001 04:00 PM

If anybody is now using the Infocus 350 with a Greyhawk screen pls. answer following:
1. Does Greyhawk lessen the 3" or so light border around the screen?
2. Assuming a 16:9 Greyhawk, does the grey material lessen the bars on each side when viewing 4:3 material?
3. Infocus and Electric Greyhawk - would you spend the extra $$$ for electric masking, it is a lot more $$$ or would you forego masking?

Thanks gang, Dave...

BHayes 02-25-2001 12:51 AM

Hi Dave!

I just got my Grayhawk setup 3 days ago with my LP340. So far it's been VERY nice. Being a stewart screen everything came really well packaged and easy to setup. I got a 90" 4:3 Grayhawk with the Delux frame and Ve-Lux black felt material on the border. The black Ve-Lux absorbs the light from the LP340 border, but the light border still extends a little bit past the frame on the right and left sides. I may add a little more black felt to the sides to help that. I've also setup my own masking system with black felt curtains. If you have the means to setup a masking system I would highly recommend it. I could probably live without the masking, but it really does increase the preceived picture quality.

Also...The Grayhawk does indeed seem to reduce visibility of the rainbow artifact, at least for me. This is one REALLY nice screen.


BHayes 02-25-2001 10:45 PM

Well...My first screen was a DIY grey screen that came crashing down 3 days after I set it up. The screen I used for about 3 weeks from then till my grayhawk was a white bed sheet stretched out on my wall with push pins. It was actually very poor screen since my off white wall behind the bed sheet was reflecting light back through the sheet, which reduced the black level. That said, when I got my grayhawk setup it was an amazing picture. Blacks are still a little grey but I can definatly see the increase in contrast ratio. I remember when I had my DIY grey screen that the peak white level was almost cut in half. This is not the case with the grayhawk. It only reduced the peak whites by a little bit.


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