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Daniel Hutnicki 02-23-2001 10:54 AM

As I am looking to buy a new screen, I have noticed that their is a prettty big price difference between the Stewart and the other screens.

I am looking at a 45 x 80 16X9 matte screen with a 1.3 gain. Now the Dalite Model B goes for about $300 and the stewart version would be much more. Now, is their a big quality difference between them or is their a small quality diference with a hugh price difference. I really want to know because while one might be cheaper I dont mind paying more if the quality is really there.

And if their is a big quality difference, what is the differnce.

Thanks for any help

cpark 02-28-2001 05:36 AM

I just posted a similar topic a couple of days ago. No direct comments yet. Is there anybody with opinion on this topic?

bkwong73 02-28-2001 06:56 AM

Hi Guys,

I too am in the same situation. I am also looking for a new 16x9 screen. And is there a big difference between the Stewart and the Draper screens. I did look at the Stewart with the Velux border and it looked amazing but is it worth 4 to 5 times the price of the other 2.

Thanks, bkwong73

Daniel Hutnicki 02-28-2001 03:10 PM


DMan 02-28-2001 08:23 PM


I have just recently upgraded from a Draper to a Stewart screen and the difference in the price is WELL worth it. The Studiotech 1.3 gain maerial is terrific and provides near perfect white field uniformity across the entire screen.

To start with, when I received my screen you automatically see quality workmanship in the packaging of the screen. I know this seems trivial, but I have never seen such care and protective measurements used in shipping a product before. Then, after opening the package you will find that the screen's frame is very solid and sturdy. I opted for the Ve-Lux frame option which is a black velevet material covering all of the frame's exposed parts which makes a dramatic difference. The Ve-Lux fabric creates a razor-sharp edge against the screen and any overscan or light spill (from digital projectors) is completely hidden.

The screen material snaps to the back of all Stewart screens for a classy shadow box look. And the screen material as mentioned above is wonderful. BTW, the screen comes rolled on a core and sealed in a bag, and then further protected sealed inside another external tube. Nice!!!!

I took a look at Da-Lite and another Draper, but when I saw the Stewart screen in my local dealer's showroom it became a no-brainer. All the words I could type here won't give you the satisfaction of actually seeing a Stewart screen. My best advice would be to go see a Stewart screen for yourself, if you don't have one to demo in your area, call Stewart to see if you can get a sample swatch of their screen material.

Needless to say, I am impressed with my Stewart screen. The best thing about the screen is when you watch a movie, the screen disappears...that is a sign of a fantastic screen.

The Academy Home Theater

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cpark 03-01-2001 05:26 AM

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DMan:

Needless to say, I am impressed with my Stewart screen. The best thing about the screen is when you watch a movie, the screen disappears...that is a sign of a fantastic screen.


thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like youare really enjoying your Stewart and congratulations. I must say I am also looking forward to seeing one here despite the high price. Can you tell me the price and the spec of your screen. I just want to compare the price in US vs. Korea, so that I can decide whether to try to get one here or in US... It would cost me at least $4,000 for a Stewart here...

DMan 03-01-2001 10:02 AM


I bought a Stewart Horizontal Screenwall Electrimask. This is essentially a fixed mount screen with motorized masking panels on the top and bottom of the screen frame. I chose a 45"x80" (92"diagonal) 1.78:1 screen to go with my CRT projector. This screen allows masking for 1.85, 2.0, 2.35 & up spect ratios. I got a very good deal from an online e-tailer since I have bought from them in the past. Here's a sample shot of the screen...


And here are the specs on the screen... http://www.stewartfilm.com/pdf/hzswem.pdf

I can tell you that a standard Stewart Luxus Deluxe Screenwall w/VeLux covering option can be purchased here in the States for ~1,400.00-1,500.00 USD.

The Academy Home Theater

Dennis Nicholls 03-01-2001 02:03 PM

Here's some more thoughts. You mentioned a Model B screen - this is a manual pull-down. These will have "waves" or "wrinkles" no matter what you try to do. Trust me - been there, done that. I just ordered a Vutec fixed screen as a replacement because the lack of flatness of the untensioned pulldown screen. Both the Stewart and the Vutec use velcro to attach to the frame, eliminating "puckers" from grommets or snaps.

If it ain't flat, you will know.

Dennis Nicholls 03-01-2001 02:04 PM

Furnglisher double poster......

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DMan 03-01-2001 02:41 PM


For what it's worth, Stewart makes a manual pull-down screen that is also tab-tensioned to avoid waves and wrinkles. It is called the Luxus Communicator...



The Academy Home Theater

bkwong73 03-01-2001 06:44 PM

Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to know what is a best street price for a 16x9 Stewart screen. Fixed frame 96" screen with Studiotek 130 with the Velux boarders.

Thanks in advance, bkwong73

DMan 03-01-2001 07:08 PM


As I said in the post above, "a standard Stewart Luxus Deluxe Screenwall w/VeLux covering option can be purchased here in the States for ~$1,400.00-$1,500.00 USD.

You should be able to get a price similar to this at the following websites...


The Academy Home Theater

David Richardson 03-01-2001 08:40 PM

After putting up all types from both manuf. its build quality. I just purchased a Dalite Electric 4x3 81" diag 1.5 gain. Works fine for me. If the budget would have been more I would have purchased a Stewart.


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