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Rickd 03-05-2001 06:25 PM

I wish to put in a widescreen tab tensioned electric masked (4:3) electric roll down Stewart screen at around 123 x 60 or 128 x 69 inchs.

I have a new BG808 with about 1000 hours on it. My current screen is a Pearlescence Dalite tab-tensioned motorised comopoltain and I don't like the sparkles effect due to screen material also it is 4:3 92 x 69 inches.

Since I am increasing the size I will need to pull my projector back.
My question is:

What Gain screen material should I go for? (note veiwing angle is not a problem as the room is long and veiwers are easily within 35degrees.)

THe gain of my current screen is about 2.0 and it is easily bright enough in my room which has full light control (ie you cannot see your hand in front of your face with lights off).

Everyone seems to recommend the studiotek 130 for colour etc but I was thinking perhaps a higher gain if so what impact would it have on picture quality versus the Studiotek which is supposedly the reference.

Thanks Rick

uncle eric 03-06-2001 03:08 AM

While some people opt for very large size screens (good luck to them) I for one believe the image loses a little snap at that size.
I have a Stewart Studiotek 130(1.3 gain) electric tab tentioned model 87 inch wide (100 inch diagonal) 16x9 which I use for mostly viewing dvd's.
I also have an 808 and I have to tell you that the image just looks beautifull. The contrast, colours etc are simply superb. This is my third and last screen, and I have to tell you that I was getting a little fed cheesed off to keep upgrading all the time. I was not sure the Stewart was worth the extra money over all the other manufacturers but I am now. I have the best, end of story.
I noticed that you are a 4x3 fan, do you watch a lot of 4x3?
Personaly I prefer widescreen. I watch very small amounts of 4x3 and this I squeeze in the middle of the screen.

Rickd 03-06-2001 12:44 PM

Hey Eric

Thanks for your response. Yes I do watch alot of 4:3. I love sport so watch Rugby etc on Sky Satalite. We have super 12 here at the moment best Rugby comp in the world.

This is why I want the best screen possible for veiwing both formats. Since my current screen and projector is easily bright enough I want to go bigger for widescreen movies. I may only go marginally bigger but think it should be ok if I use the Stewart high gain materials.

I know that bigger means a little softer too but there are people who have gone significantly bigger.

What screen materials have you tried so far?


uncle eric 03-07-2001 02:42 AM

I have only had low gain screens. My first was from a the Seleco distributer 'Owl' which was awfull. I then had a manual pulldown 6ft Daylight around 1.5 gain which I was using with my old Sony Lcd. And finally the Stewart.
I have a friend who has a Stewart 1.8 gain and a dealer friend who has a 2.0 gain stewart for his demo room. In my opinion neither of them are a match for the studiotek 130. Somehow the colours seem more intense the contrast seems sharper. In fact the whole image is on another level.
Downside...you cant go to big, thats it.


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