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Dale_S 02-26-2001 03:01 PM

First off, DOH!!! Guess I should have looked a little closer at the forum list. On Saturday I posted a question in the LCD/DLP/DILA projector forum asking the best way to clean a blemished screen. Now I see that there is a forum specific to screens, so I'll ask here.

On Friday I purchased a clearance SharpVision XS-84SPGR glass-beaded screen from a local dealer. It was their last of line and as such was no refund, no exchange. I did look at the finish in the store but was unable to view it with a projected image.

After getting it home and installed, I fired up the projector (an InFocus LP335) and was upset to find a fairly noticeable mark, especially in bright scenes. Looking at the screen closely it looks like some sort of oily smudge, but I'm not really sure.

What do you experts suggest that I use to try cleaning? It was suggested in the other forum that I try warm water and mild soap, and to test in a corner of the screen first. I've also sent an email to Sharp for their suggestions, but haven't heard back yet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, including ways of refinishing the screen if necessary. Are there paints that will not crack when the screen is rolled back, or am I plain out of luck on this one? Thanks in advance....

Dale S. aka Frustrated (with Denon) in Calgary

Chu Leung Ning 02-26-2001 07:50 PM

According to DALITE, water with mild soap only apply to washable screens. The glass beaded screen is NOT washable, rubbing it may get the glass particles off the screen resulting in a bigger spot.
L. N. Chu

Dale_S 02-27-2001 06:13 PM

Thanks for the assistance. As it turns out, my dealer was able to locate another screen for me. I exchanged it last night and the new one is completely free of visible defects.

I do have a message off to Sharp, but have yet to hear back from them on a safe way to clean a glass beaded screen. When/if I do, I'll post their response for all to read. Thanks again!

Dale S. aka Frustrated (with Denon) in Calgary

bhadsell 03-07-2001 07:08 AM

Dale -
L.N. Chu gave you some good advice. Soapy water, solvents or abrasive cleaners can damage the screen, removing the glass beads. The recommended cleaning procedure is to use a soft brush or cloth and carefully dust the surface.

Bob Hadsell

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