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Gary Lightfoot 03-10-2001 11:43 AM

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I have a Davis DLS8, and I'll soon be considering buying a 'proper' screen for it. I'll be looking at approx 80 x 45inches, or slightly bigger, and I was considering a Stewart Grayhawk, but the prices here in the UK seem extortionate, especially considering how much they can be bought for in the US.

I've noticed that Cousins Video do an amazing price on the Perm-Wall with either High Contrast or Da Matt finish, and I'm interested in any opinions of the screen frame and/or screen materials from any owners out there. It certainly looks good value.

What screens are those of you with DLS8's using?

I'll soon be test running my Davis in its final position, and I'll be building my own frame and trying out white and grey paints just to see what affect they have on black level. Unfortunately, until I started reading this forum, i didn't even know there was a black level problem with LCD or DLP projectors! Ignorance is bliss!

I had been projecting the DLS8 onto a standard cine film screen, and it looked OK, but I have nothing to compare it with. I can't say that I ever noticed any greys instead of blacks (yet). I'll be sitting about 14ft from the screen if that helps anyone with giving me some help in my quest for a screen. :O)

Many thanks.


dannydlp 03-12-2001 04:24 AM


Glad to see a fellow UK member, where do you live by the way?

I've just ordered a Greyhawk for my DL450 so I'll keep you posted about how it compares when it arrives.

Gary Lightfoot 03-12-2001 11:42 AM

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I live in Croydon (Surrey). If you lived closer, I'd have invited myself along for a screening when you get the Grayhawk! :O)

I'll be very interested in how the Grayhawk performs - would you like to divulge the size, price and who it was you bought it from? You can let me know by e-mail if you prefer. TIA.

I picked up some blackout material from Allders in Croydon lunchtime today - 57ins by 120ins. I'm going to build a timber frame just so I can get an idea of what kind of image I'll get at approx 84x45. I'll also try painting it a light grey to see how it compares to plain white.

My DLS8 is a little brighter than the 450, but I shouldn't think there'll be a lot of difference between them. What have you got feeding it? HTPC or something else?

I look forward to hearing from you.


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