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PaulG 03-12-2001 11:08 PM

Any help with this would be much appreciated.
I'm very new at this (just set up my first projector on Friday) so thanks in advance for your patience!

I have a 16:9 Studiotek 130 on order to go with my newly purchased Marquee 8000 CRT and Quadscan processor. To get them up & running, I've been firing at a white wall, but I want to determine vertical screen placement on the wall for when the Stewart arrives.

To determine my image size for the new screen, I've been shooting 16:9, anamorphic and 4:3 images at the wall. Here's my hypothesis (please correct if wrong!): If I shoot a "widescreen" image at my screen, I can expect black bars top & bottom. If I shoot an anamorphic widescreen, I can expect the image to fill the full 16:9 screen. If I shoot a 4:3 image, the Quadscan will stretch the image (via. 4:3 letterbox mode) to fill a full 16:9 screen.

If all of the above are correct, I can determine where I'll want to place my new screen. If I'm wrong, please let me know where so I can revise the assumptions I'm using to establish an accurate vertical placement of the screen on the front wall.


RandyL712 03-12-2001 11:56 PM

You're correct, except that 4:3 letterbox mode won't fill the whole screen, it will have black bars left and right.

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