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propeller_beach 03-14-2001 06:23 AM

Hi there!

What's the inkiest, blackest, blacker than black, preferred fabric out there for this application? I'd like to cover two pieces of light 1/4" hardwood ply with some of this fabric and place them on the screen's top and bottom portions. The sides will be covered with curtains. Name of material and places to buy would be great.



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johnbm 03-14-2001 06:55 AM

I used black felt bonded to masonite - similar to the plywood you plan to use. It seems to be effective and was low cost. In fact, the plywood will be somewhat sturdier, I suspect. Check my HT pics post at http://www3.sympatico.ca/john.mckenzie and my posting on masking details on 02 Feb 01: "One more time - my HT pics (Screen query)" Any questions, email me. All the best. John

DMan 03-14-2001 02:45 PM

Black Velour...period! This is the deepest black I have found. Purchased some two weeks ago from Georgia Stage. You can buy black velour from www.gastage.com .

The Academy Home Theater

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BarkingArt 03-14-2001 03:29 PM

In visual effects, when we shoot isolated elements on stage to composite into an FX shot, we have found that a particular fabric gives us a nice, deep non-reflective black background. Deep black is important to us because it is the most opaque part of the film, allowing us to pull clean mattes for compositing. Anyway, the fabric is called Black Velour and there are two kinds. The one we use is the one with red thread visible at the edges of the fabric. Don't use the Black Velour with the blue thread, it doesn't work as well. It can be found in Burbank at Dazian's (818) 841-6500 or in Hollywood at Fore Peak (323) 460-4192. When we shoot isolated fire or explosions on stage, this fabric really shows how well it absorbs reflective light.


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propeller_beach 03-15-2001 07:11 AM

Thanks much for the responses.


DRS 03-17-2001 05:45 AM

Which would be better, the masking that dalite uses or this black velour stuff.

The reason I ask is I am getting ready to order some cut-to-size material I can just have them mask it at the factory. If the velour stuff is a lot better then I will just mask it myself, thanks.

Scott Gammans 03-17-2001 07:11 AM

I got black velvet at Hancock Fabrics for $18 a yard (45" wide roll). Works like a charm.

Scott Gammans
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