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DomNY 03-16-2001 08:17 AM

I just received my 80 x 45 (92 diagonal) 16x9 aspect ratio, grayhawk, fixed screen. A Sony 10HT will be ceiling mounted (8 foot ceiling). This is not a dedicated room. It is in living room. Seating position will be 12' from the screen (1 couch). Being used to RPTV's, which are very low to the floor, I have no idea as to what the correct height placement for the screen should be. I think I read somewhere that the ideal is 28 to 36 for the bottom of the viewing area to floor, but I am not sure if those figures are accurate and what effect the distance to screen has on recommended height. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

sstieferman 03-16-2001 11:38 AM

How tall are you?

With the screen at 28", the bottom of the projector will be around 71" from the floor. 36" = 79" Since the lens on the sony has a max length of
11.4 for that size screen it will be right above your head. You could move it forward since the fan noise is not too bad and it exausts to the front.

Other things to consider. Do you have a ceiling fan, w/light kit or ceiling light fixture? Both of these things need to be considered bc they may get in the way. Personally, I would get the projector as high as possible and let the screen fall where it may. Additionally, front speaker arangement, center channel, equipment, furnature could all be placed underneath screen.

Hope this helps.

car_rod 03-16-2001 10:05 PM

Mine is 29-30" from floor, placed against the wall. I didn't used the provided wall mounts. For viewing experience, I would prefered 4-5" lower, but that means also lowering 4-5" the projector (like you, a Sony 10HT).
Projector will be (top) shelf mounted in the opposite wall at a distance of 156-157". We will seat under the projector.
Zoom will be adjusted to its longest throw length (80"x45" screen).


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Reed W 03-18-2001 03:29 PM

I think I read somewhere that the first consideration in screen height should be the relationship to your eye level. You should try if possible to locate the screen so the center is level with your eyes when you are sitting in the primary viewing location.

If it is too high you will get a stiff neck from looking up, too low same thing from looking down. This means taller people will place the screen higher than shorter people will.

Of course all this is effected by your projector, its off-set, speaker placement, ceiling height......

Common sense says if you keep the center of the screen with-in 6" of eye level you should be ok. Reed.

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