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adarsh 03-27-2001 06:48 AM

Hello All,
I just bought my first projector (Electrohome 4501) and a Da-Lite Model B Video Spectra 1.5 screen. I would like to know if this particular screen is acoustically transparent. I am planing to setup my center channel behind the screen.

Any input will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

akm3 03-27-2001 09:04 PM

I believe the answer is that no it's not acoustically transparant, but I could be wrong

It's great to have all this great gear. But I'd instead put all that money into software (Movies) I'd have SOMETHING TO WATCH ON ALL THIS GREAT GEAR. Doh!

hvn4179 03-28-2001 10:38 AM

The only screen I know that let the sound goes thru unaltered is perforated type. I have to move my center speaker to the bottom of my model B hipwr screen to get a clear sound.


thorrall 03-28-2001 05:39 PM

The Model B is currently available with four viewing surfaces:

1. Matte White (Gain 1.0)
2. Video Spectra 1.5 (Gain 1.5)
3. Glass Beaded (Gain 2.5)
4. High power (Gain 2.8)

None of these are acoustically transparent. The acoustically transparent Da-Lite surface is called Audio Vision (Gain 1.0) and is perforated. It is not normally available on the Model B but it might be obtained on special order according to a rep I spoke with at a trade show recently. Normally the Audio Vision surface is only available stock with side tensioned Da-Lite models such as the Advantage, Cosmopolitan, Designer Da-Tab, Director, Dual-Masking, Executive, or Horizon Electrols, all roll-down, and the stationary (wall-mount) Imager Video Screen and Da-Snap models. Generally, I suspect the Audio Vision surface will not stay adequately flat if not side tensioned, although there may be some non-tensioned presentation (portable stand-mounted) models which you can special order with the Audio-Vision surface.

In order to be acoustically transparent at high frequencies, a screen must have both a sufficient density of perforations (actually, have small enough land areas between the perforations), and be quite thin, which is probably why they are normally available only tensioned, in order to keep them flat. Even with the dense perforations and thin materials, there is significant high frequency loss which is why an equalizer is required to restore flat response. There are also (sound)reflections between the back of the screen and loudspeaker, and between the back of the screen and any wall immediately behind the screen. These reflections cause significant response variations that cannot be practically removed by an equalizer, although treating the front of the loudspeaker baffle and/or wall can improve the overall smoothness of response. Nevertheless, most purists will want to have a perforated screen in order to provide the best directional realism for dialog.

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