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bkwong73 03-26-2001 10:18 PM

Hi Everybody,

I plan on getting a Stewart Screen with a the deluxe velux border. It is permanently going to block a window. The window already have regular blinds to block out light. But it is not perfect. The Stewart screen is going in front of this window.

I plan on getting a 1.5 gain screen. Is there something that could be added to the back of the screen to make it block out stray light from the window. I just hope it is relatively cheap.

Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, Brian

DMan 03-26-2001 11:35 PM

You really have two options here. The first option is to get Stewart to add a black-out material to the back of the screen. The second option is to buy some really inexpensive black-out lining fabric from your local fabric store and put this on your window, then place the screen over the window.

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bkwong73 03-27-2001 06:04 PM


Thanks for your reply. Do you know how much extra it would cost for Stewart to apply black out to the back of the screen?

Thanks, Brian

DMan 03-27-2001 06:17 PM


I'm sorry, I don't know that answer. I know Don Stewart frequents this forum so perhaps he can step in and answer this one.

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smitty 03-27-2001 09:47 PM

Funny, I am dealing with this exact situation. My solution, because the window was smaller than 4' x 8', was to get a sheet of thin (about 3/16") board that is often used as the backing on cabinetry and to have it cut at the hardware store to the size of the window. Then I just tucked it in behind the wood blinds and covered the whole window. I then just pulled the blinds down and closed them in front of it. I painted it white first so from the outside of the house it pretty much looks like the blinds are just closed. This seems to cut out almost all of the light, and I figure that any light leaking at the top of bottom or sides can be blocked out with masking tape (the blue kind painters use won't stick too much and pull paint off of anything). I'm sure there are other solutions as well that would be cheaper than having masking added to the screen. I'm waiting for a Stewart screen, and those babies cost enought $$ as it is.

DMan 03-29-2001 02:12 PM

Hunter Douglas and Bali both make a "honey comb" or "acordian" style shade that has a foil lining that is 100% opaque. You can find these at Home Depot...just make sure you make EXACT measurements before ordering as these are custom cut to fit your window exactly.

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