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power 02-19-2001 10:51 PM

I have lived with this screen since i got it about 6 months ago and now that i am properly set up with high definition television and a HTPC on the way i simply cannot take it anymore! The screen material is nice, the 1.5 gain material but there are a few waves/wrinkles in the screen and am wondering if anyone else has a similar problem. I know this should not be a common problem, i thought about getting some type of tensionner(s) or something but i remember that even in high school with the cheap classroom pull down screens, there were never any waves in them. Now i have a great picture but the flaws in the screen is a real annoyance especially on certain scenes (blue skies, light colours, white). Got to fix this PROBLEM. Anyone that could be of assistance i would appreciate it. Regards


wireburn 02-20-2001 09:19 AM

I have heard of pulling on the ends of the lower rod to fix the Model B. I have the HP material in this size. It's nice and thick, so there is only the slightest 'V' shape which in indetectable from the viewing position.


rsandor 02-20-2001 06:56 PM

Exact same problem. Just bought mine a couple of weeks ago and just set it up. The waves look like they originate from the top of the roller. I was about to write to DALITE to ask about if there are any fixes. Otherwise, I am going to have to return the unit...

power 02-20-2001 10:16 PM

yeah, i purchased mine from the States and am not sure on how i could get a replacment for my faulty screen. Something must be done though!


power 02-20-2001 10:49 PM

My problem isen't towards the bottom, it is at the top where the wrinkles are and these carry into waves all the way down the screen. So instead of a nice flat surface i see 3 large waves running vertically. I dont expect this from a manufacturer like Da-lite, the more i think about it the more it drives me nuts. This problem definitely takes some of the enjoyment out of watching movies on my projector.


wireburn 02-21-2001 05:38 AM

For problems with wrinkles originating at the top, I've heard of inserting several sheets of paper between the roll and the screen in the middle to help straighten them out.


DRS 02-22-2001 08:19 AM

EXACT same problem!

Here is a copy of the email I just sent Da-Lite,

"I have a 57x77 Model B High Power screen that has a problem. There is a dark vertical band that is approx. 6 inches in diameter that runs the entire height of the screen. This band is located about 1-2 feet away from the left side of the screen. It is most easily seen during dark scenes. The screen was purchased from Cousin's Video in Mentor OH on 10-26-00. Thank you for your assistance with this matter."

System info: Native XGA LCD FP, Dalite 57X77 HP, P3 700, ATI Radeon, Cinemaster 2k, WinDVD 2.6.4, WinME

derek 03-28-2001 09:10 AM

Any updates from da-lite or fixes here?


Surround EX FAQ: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/P...urroundex.html

hvn4179 03-28-2001 11:34 AM

My hipwr, 110"D, screen has a couple "slight" waves on the left and right sides. After couple hundred hours of usage, it didn't bother my eyes neither I can see the picture distortion at 11' away. I thought this is a normal occurence for model B because the lacking of backing/tensioner.


Skipper 03-28-2001 12:04 PM

Same problem here!!!

Got my 68" (172cm.) wide model B Da-lite three months ago, and it has four FOUR of the most wonderful stripes from top to bottom.
It's so bad, that everything that passes the stripes seems to bounce up an down.

The first two screens I recieved vas damaged on the screens "coating", the third was bend, and now this!!!!

I can only urge any Da-lite reps. to find a solution on this soon. Or my screen goes back to the dealer.



yowzah 03-28-2001 09:24 PM

I'm glad I ran across this thread! I've been on the fence about building a DIY screen or buying a model B. A 69x96 model B was looking good for the price ($170 or so), but now it doesn't. Does anyone know if the other screen manufacturers have a similar problem, preferably Draper?

aras 03-29-2001 08:06 AM

I also have a Dalite model B in a standard 8 ft diagonal size and it too has the verticle waves , that slightly distort the picture . I looked from the side and WOW it looks like an ocean scene of waves.

power 03-29-2001 09:37 PM


i can't believe my post is still here, i am getting a replacment from Dalite since the screen is under warranty, avoid the model B 1.5 gain screen, this material is more succeptible to wrinkles vs the matte white version for example.


adarsh 03-30-2001 10:58 PM

Sorry to hear about your problems with Model B.
I have Da-Lite Model B video speactra 1.5 52"X92" format.
No problems with mine. Great Picture and Awesome Color


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