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Joeboo 04-04-2001 05:20 AM

700 lumens, no ambient light. Is this enough for the grayhawks .95 gain?

My problem is that within the next year or so, I plan on getting a new projector, but I'm moving into a new house and have a room dedicated to home theater, so I want to buy a fixed screen. I want to get a stewart and was thinking the Studiotek, but all I've heard are great things about the Grayhawk.

Any suggestions, comments?

Jason Turk 04-04-2001 10:13 PM

It's really going to be a matter of size. If you want to get a 9 or 10 foot wide screen, it is not going to be enough. However, if you stick with a 6 or 7 foot wide, you should be okay. I highly recommend the grayhawk for any digital projector.


Jason Turk
AV Science, Inc.

Mark Hoy 04-04-2001 10:16 PM

Depending upon the size of the screen and how close you really are to
700 lumens, it can be enough.

You could always put up a Greyhawk and shrink the image til it's bright
enough for you. Any replacement projector in the next couple of years
will probably be brighter. I use a calibrated G1000 which by most accounts
probably has 750 lumen (with a new bulb) on a 16:9 8' wide Grayhawk.
I'm awaiting my Panamorph lens which should give me a fine image since
it will give me about 30% more light due to the full use of the 4:3
panel. 750 lumen / (8' x 4.5') = 20.8 lumen/sq.ft. (with Panamorph)
and it's probably about 15 lumen/sq.ft. without.

Stewart Greyhawk
Sony: SAT-B3, DTC-100,STR-DA777ES Receiver
Toshiba: SD-3109 DVD
Proscan 27" TV
B&W: DM601, CC6, DS6B, 800ASW speakers

Joeboo 04-09-2001 04:58 AM

How would I be able to tell if its 700 or not (btw, I have a brand new bulb)? Also, the screen size I was thinking is 92x52. Any more comments?

Thanks for all your help,


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