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carltonb 04-12-2001 06:20 PM

I'm trying to follow the forum guidance on screen size vs. brightness for my Sony 1272Q projector. The spec sheet rates this projector at 145 ANSI lumens. I understand that you should size the screen to produce no less than 8 Foot-lamberts, with something closer to 10 being more pleasing and easier on the projector. For a 16:9 screen with a gain of 1.3, a 6' wide screen yields 9.3 FL and a 6.5' screen produces 7.9 FL. The equation I am using is:
FL = ANSI Lumens X Gain / Screensize in sq. ft.

This tells me that I should use the 6' screen. For this size, Pjcalc tells me to position the projector for a 8'3". The viewing distance to the first row of seating will be 10'3". This would give about a 32 degree horizontal viewing angle. I also understand that somewhere between 30 to 35 degrees is about right, so it seems like I'm about right on the distance. The projector will be driven by an HTPC, so scan lines shouldn't be a problem at that viewing distance.

I would greatly appreciate comments on this. I had initially planned on a 6 1/2' wide screen and am a little disappointed to be dropping down to 6'. On the other hand, I'm thinking that the brighter image would be better than the extra 6" of width. I can move the seats a little closer (up to 9'6" before the viewing angle exceeds 35 degrees).

Does it sound like I'm on target? Thanks in advance for your comments http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Carlton Barnes

Vic C 04-13-2001 10:15 PM

Personally I really dont think your going to be loosing very much if you wanted to go the extra 6" wide. Put the spec book away and just do a simple test to see if you loose that much. I dont think I would mind having the bigger screen.

My question is, that you say the 1272 is only 145 lumens? I was told my VPH1031Q is 600Lumens. I am going to research this again. I cant beleive your projector is supposed to be the newer and better version and less light?

carltonb 04-14-2001 09:50 PM

Yes, there is a spec sheet that Pjcalc has for this projector, and it says that it is rated at 145 ANSI lumens. The peak output is 700 lumens. From what I've read, you should use the ANSI rating, not the peak rating. They don't show the VPH1031, but they list a 1001 and a 1044 model and those are rated at 100 ANSI lumens - also with a peak of 700 lumens.

Carlton Barnes

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