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Durwood 04-10-2001 10:04 PM

If there are any DaLite folks around, I'd like to ask a few questions.
You can email me privately if you'd like


I'm having problems with my High Power Model C. The first problem is when I try to pull down the screen, around 6 inches, the screen will not roll up into the casing. The locking pawl won't release. I have the screen mounted level. The second problem is this morning I noticed a wave along the right side of the screen. Last night when I had finished mounting it, I didn't notice it. But this morning, I surely did. It is a vertical wave that extends from the upper right corner to the bottom left of center.

kelliot 04-10-2001 11:19 PM

If you complain loud enough, Blake Brubaker sometimes makes an appearance.

Ken Elliott

Durwood 04-12-2001 10:38 PM

I'm just going to return it, looks like a daytrip back up to Anaheim,CA.
I hope my next DaLite screen is little higher in the quality department.

drmyeyes 04-16-2001 04:48 AM

I've also got a model C high gain. It took me a little while to master the locking pawl, but now I've got it. It's all in the wrist.

I had a free standing high power screen with a minor ripple in it. With this fabric these are totally invisible when there's an image on screen. Bill Cushman mentioned the same thing in his SONY VW10 review way back when in The Perfect Vision. Try it before you return it.

sonny b 04-16-2001 05:03 AM


I sent you a private message. Please check you box. Let me know by email if you didn't get it.

Tnx - Sonny B.

Durwood 04-18-2001 05:04 PM

You say it's all in the wrist, but let me tell you, I spent a ridiculous amount of time pulling it down 6 inches every which angle possible, every which was possible. The only time I could get it to curl back up is when it was laying down on the floor. This just doesn't seem right. When I called DaLite, the service guy on the floor in Warsaw, Indiana said that when I pulled it down on the floor initially to gauge how high up from the floor I wanted it, may have messed with the locking pawl. I can't see how the waves in the screen wouldn't effect picture quality in some aspect. Are you sure about that?? I hate to second guess you, but these are some serious California waves we're talking about here....

RobertR 04-19-2001 04:16 AM


Where did you buy the screen in Anaheim? I live in Long Beach, and would like to get a Dalite ASAP. How much did you pay?

Mark Lopez 04-19-2001 12:23 PM

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by RobertR:
I live in Long Beach, and would like to get a Dalite ASAP. </font>

You've got mail. .

Blake Brubaker - Da-Lite 04-20-2001 08:16 AM


From your posts it sounds like you may want to contact the retail source where you bought the screen and have them return the screen to us for a replacement. I am not sure about the retraction problem but that is definitely not going to fix the wave. A wave in High Power fabric is very uncommon and perhaps something happened to the screen during shipment that caused this (box was dropped and bent the roller). No matter what, the correct fix to your problem is just to get a new one and have the old one sent back. If your retailer has any problems, please have them contact me directly. Otherwise they can call one of our Sales Partners at (800) 622-3737 and arrange for a new screen and the return of the other one.




Durwood 04-20-2001 12:33 PM

Blake, thank you for joining the discussion. I too felt that the waves in a high power screen were most unusual. I haven't heard of one yet, but there it was. In any case, I'm waiting for the company from Anaheim to contact me concerning the trade out. He wasn't sure if I would need to bring the defective one in first, or if DaLite was okay with sending the replacement beforehand, thus saving me two trips in the process. I didn't think that DaLite would need to have the first one returned? Would this be common practice given a similar circumstance?

Blake Brubaker - Da-Lite 04-23-2001 07:01 AM


Yes indeed, once they contact our customer service department, we will send a replacement right away. The damaged one can be returned after you receive the replacement.




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