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jaz50y's Avatar jaz50y 04:07 PM 04-29-2001
I have a 12-year old Draper 96" motorized screen, with which I am still happy. But I changed projectors, and I need it to drop an additional foot. Is this something that can be done at home, or does it have to go back to Draper? Other suggestions?

Doug Blair
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KennyG's Avatar KennyG 09:49 PM 04-29-2001
When you say you need it to drop another foot I assume the screen size is still fine, you just want the screen lower...why not mount the screen a foot lower, then build a nice wood cover over the housing? You can build it out of 1X6 or 1X8, kinda like a window treatment. (I forget what it's called)
jaz50y's Avatar jaz50y 05:49 AM 04-30-2001
That would be the easiest, but unfortunately would just be to obtrusive in the room. I am thinking I need to add fabric at the top, but have no idea if this a do-it-yourself project.

Doug Blair
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