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carpenterboy 04-22-2001 09:50 PM

just bought a a sony vw10ht lcd projector. want a 103" fixed screen. will be watching dvd and hdtv in few months. the room is very dark when the lights r out and movie plays. u probably couldnt see your hand in the dark! projector is mounted inside a custom made table at floor level. i just dont understand the gain issue when it comes to screen. can anyone help with a manufacturer or model maybe some possible street prices. im going nuts and want ot use my room but need to clear this bump first. just want the best possible picture from this unit.

carpenterboy 04-22-2001 09:52 PM

forgot to mention i would like to use a 16x9 screen to take advantage of the units capabilities.

car_rod 04-23-2001 04:15 AM

Any flat white wall does an excellent job in a "perfect" dark room.
Anyway, it's a good and cheap start point to see what you projector can do and check what it is its worse weakness: black rendition.

If you want a "true" screen and you're happy with the blacks on the white wall, get a screen based on the Da-Lite Da-Mat fabric.
If you're not happy with blacks, get Stewart Grayhawk fabric.

To appreciate my judgment, you should know I own the VPL-VW10HT and the Grayhawk, but never saw the Da-Mat. I did some paintings test which never obtained good results with ambient light, not your case. On dark room, differences between white wall and Grayhawk is not obvious, except that on Grayhawk the picture is globally dimmed (thus helping the black issue).


akm3 05-01-2001 08:08 AM

Another very popular screen with the 10ht was the Da-lite Hi-Power material.

This was popularized by Bill Cushman (writes for Widescreen review, formerly The Perfect Vision) as an excellent screen candidate.

It's great to have all this great gear. But I'd instead put all that money into software (Movies) I'd have SOMETHING TO WATCH ON ALL THIS GREAT GEAR. Doh!

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