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cai 04-28-2001 06:48 AM

I am trying to wire for a motorized screen. As I understand it, the screens have a plug that goes into an outlet that should be close to the ceiling. However, what controls the screen for going up and down, is it by an IR or RF cell, or is the screen hardwired to a switch on the wall? The only screens I have seen are at the office, where they are operated by a wall switch and some at stores where they do not show how the wiring is done. Very few stores have motorized screens and most are at installer's showrooms that do not want to give installation tips.

Your ideas are appreciated. Thank you.


Mark Hoy 04-28-2001 09:40 PM

What kind of screen? Stewart would probably fax you any info you requested.

For my Greyhawk, there are 4 leads:Ground, Neutral, Up, Down. So your
normal USA 110V AC has Ground:Green, Neutral:White and Power:Black.
The Power:Black is switched between an Up : Off : Down position by
a supplied switch. I believe you could use a Normal 3 way switch for this.


Stewart Greyhawk
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Craig Colvin 05-03-2001 12:43 AM

It varies greatly from screen to screen. I surveyed several manufacturers, wired what I thought I needed and then bought a Stewart Grayhawk and need to running additional wiring.

If you don't have a screen yet, I would wire the following.

1) AC outlet at screen height
2) Low voltage wires from screen to projector (I used CAT5 which is used for the 12v screen trigger from my projector)
3) High voltage wire (14ga Romex, 3 conductor) from screen to wall box where you might want a switch.

This should allow you to cover most screens out there.

My Home Theater

cai 05-06-2001 07:06 PM

Thank you all for your responses. Craig and Mark have given me a few ideas as to what is needed. I took Mark's advice and called Stewart for some brochures and prices.


Mark Hoy 05-07-2001 02:18 PM

Stewart's remote control options seem a bit steep in price. So I went with
the basic 110V AC that comes with the unit. When I get around to it, I
may add in an X10 remote to raise/lower the screen or perhaps from the
Sears current sensor (when the projector is turned on).

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