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oculus's Avatar oculus 01:34 PM 05-04-2001
Those kind of screen a pretty cheap, what kind of quality can I get with a Barco 1208 for a 92 inches wide ??


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Mark Lopez's Avatar Mark Lopez 07:08 PM 05-05-2001
I'm sure other will chime in, but I use one and it seems to be just fine. It has been asked here many times if the more expensive screens ($2k and up) are worth it. The answer always seems to be yes. I personally would have to see a very serious improvement before spending that much more, but then again I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to HT. So, to answer your question, for the price (usually under $200) I don't think you can go wrong. At least it’s not a big loss if you find it disappointing.
akm3's Avatar akm3 06:26 PM 05-10-2001
I use a dalite model b with hi power material, and I think it's great.

It is truly the "no frills no gimmicks" screen. It does it's job. Nothing more.

Good price.

It's great to have all this great gear. But I'd instead put all that money into software (Movies) I'd have SOMETHING TO WATCH ON ALL THIS GREAT GEAR. Doh!
Joeboo's Avatar Joeboo 05:53 AM 05-11-2001
I had the Model B (i believe video spectra, it was 1.5 gain, i know that for sure) at my old house (building a new one) and I loved the screen itself.

However, I'm replacing it with a fixed screen (I had a pull down). If you have to get a pull down, get one that has the tension on teh sides. The screen itself was outstanding, but after a few months, it started to have waves in it. Really killed the picture in some scenes. I highly recommend a fixed screen.

Just my $.02
oculus's Avatar oculus 12:21 PM 05-12-2001
Making a fix screen with a model B ... does this make sense ? I just read that in the dlp forum .. removing the screen from the pull down system and fixing the screen to the wall for removing the waves.

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