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Robster1958 05-17-2001 12:45 PM

is there any advantage to going for "standard" size of 96 x 54 (16:9) rather than 100" x 54" (1.85:1).

if i wanted to maximize image size of "normal" widescreen movie from dvd source, the i assume with the bigger screen, i end up with full width of 100" and full image height of 54", and 1" top and bottom of black bar.

then when i switch to hdtv (or stretch regular satellite), i will end up with 1" of projected image on top and bottom. this should be absorbed by the 3" velux border like overscan...right?

and for regular 4:3, my projected image will be 75" x 56"
with a viewable image of 75 x 54...again with 1' top and bottom "overscan"

does this make sense?....or am i asking for trouble?

arrow 05-20-2001 02:20 AM


I'm not completely following you.

96x54 is 16:9 = 1.78.

If you were to display 1.85 ratio on that screen, the dimensions would be 96x52. The height gets smaller and you would need a 1" mask to cover.

4:3 comes out to be 72x54. So you need 12" masks on each side of the screen.

My opinion is to definitely go with a 1.78 ratio screen. If you go with 1.85, then you will not be able to view 1.78 material without adjusting your zoom and having borders all around the image.


DMan 05-20-2001 08:25 PM

To be real honest, you might as well use a 16:9 screen because virtually all 1.85:1 DVDs will fill your entire 16:9 screen anyway due to the amount of overscan of the image.

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