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Ray Cendroski's Avatar Ray Cendroski 02:51 PM 05-30-2001
I came across a rather large 1996 model Da-lite screen in a surplus warehouse today. It apparently has never been used because the screen is still sealed within it's original shipping paper. The unit looks like one of the Boardroom models on their website. The screen is driver by a single large motor on a common shaft through the center of the roll. This is all mounted within a black wooden shell that is 12 feet plus in length.

I can't tell what the screen material is or it's overall size except that it is very large. It's so heavy that I could hardly lift one end of it.

The only info was printed on a schematic of the motor drive circuit which indicated that it is a model "46310". Anybody have any idea what this monster is?


Kerry's Avatar Kerry 10:29 PM 05-31-2001
I looked through all the electric screens by Dalite and couldn't find a 46310. It might be a "part number" for the motor, but it isn't the model number of the screen.

Kerry Haught
Ray Cendroski's Avatar Ray Cendroski 03:40 PM 06-01-2001

Thanks for the effort. I went back again today for a closer inspection, and thru some inter-net investigation, figured out that it is a Senior Electrol model 40619 with a mate white 12' x 12' screen. I think I'm going to offer it up on a separate thread. It's way too big for my house, and too much trouble to handle.

Where is Cousin's Video? I'd like to stop in sometime.

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