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Marc-Etienne HUNEAU's Avatar Marc-Etienne HUNEAU 06:40 AM 06-21-2001
Hi everyone.

I've been posting for quite a while now, in the CRT proj section.

My projector is now rebuilt, and I'm planning a serious installation in my next place.

Part of it is a custom-made (money IS an issue) motor-screen.

And since masking is cool...

My goal is to end up with something like the stewart vertical electriscreen electrimask ( ).

I managed to find the needed motors :

Next, I figure, I put two of these in the same box, one for the screen, one for the masks.

One kinda heavy tube at the bottom, and maybe tensioning.

Last thing : I'm gonna need a big drop-off black part at the top, since my window (behind the screen) is high.

What do you guys think ? Is this realistic ? What screen material should I choose (since my CRT is an oldie, I think 1.5 gain would be wise).

Ever built your own motor-screen ?

Marc-Etienne HUNEAU
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luvmytivo's Avatar luvmytivo 08:22 PM 06-26-2001
I've been contemplating making a DIY motorized screen as well. In my case, the motors would be ripped from some low powered electric drills, and controlled by timed switches (X10 or the like) so I could position the screen and masking with a single press. Anyone done something like this succesfully? If so, any tips/links to pass on?

Darren Rogers
Marc-Etienne HUNEAU's Avatar Marc-Etienne HUNEAU 01:01 AM 06-27-2001
I considered the X10/timed switches solution for a while, but I'm afraid the timers will need to be adjusted from time to time. Since the motor can occasionally take a bit longer to roll-up the screen, and most certainly will take more time (and NOT exactly one second more to roll it up than to lower it down, setting the exact timing to get accurate positionning is, I'm afraid, tricky !

Another solution I thought of is a pair of small magnets(the kind you can rip off fridges doors) glued on the back of the screen, one for each position, and an ILS (uh, what's the english name for these small magnetic-operated switches ?) detecting the position.

Another idea I got : optical detection : either with a small hole in the cloth, or with a reflective tape put behind the screen...

Anyway, the motors I found are "cheap" enough for my needs : about US$120 a piece.

Marc-Etienne HUNEAU
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