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Derek173's Avatar Derek173 07:44 PM 06-04-2001
HI, I'm new here. I just acquired a projector and a pull down screen. The screen is pretty dirty and I was wondering how do I clean it? Soap/water? Windex?

TGroom's Avatar TGroom 09:07 AM 06-05-2001
What kind of screen is it? Do you know the make and model? Some can't be cleaned, glass-beaded for example.

luvmytivo's Avatar luvmytivo 02:12 AM 07-04-2001
if it's just dusty, swiffer cloths work great..

Darren Rogers
bhadsell's Avatar bhadsell 04:50 PM 07-12-2001
As mentioned previously, if the material is glass beaded, all you can do is carefully dust the surface. Any attempt to clean it will take the beads off the surface.

It the material is a matt white, you can use a mild solution of water and soap. A mild dishwashing liquid such as Ivory is best - nothing with abrasives or wax.

I would suggest you test a small corner first.

Bob Hadsell
Home Theatre Sales Manager
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