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gigone 07-30-2001 02:28 AM

Yesterday I was paying a visit to the Museum of the Cinema (Turin, Italy) and - suddenly - I had a break through.

They were projeting some images onto a screen with a frame made with an old golden paiting frame.

Despite the perception of the contrast and brightness could be affected, I was thinking that I would have been very artistic/classy such piece of architecture.

I'd like to swap any ideas about it.

(Renato Pozzetto Docet)

JP 07-30-2001 08:25 PM

Gigone, this has been a plan of mine for a long time. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time until this past weekend to build my new gray screen. I still need to get a mitre saw but once I do I will be framing the outside with decorative molding. It will still be colored black to give it that masking look but the decoratvie molding I bet will look very good. If I ever get it finished I'll post some images to the forum.

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