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bpape's Avatar bpape 05:31 AM 07-31-2001
Looking for opinions on which aspect ratio screen to buy for XG135. See link below.

Thanks in advance.


THE answer is 42.
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DMan's Avatar DMan 12:52 PM 07-31-2001
Use a 16:9 screen with your NEC XG135LC. This way the highest resolution sources (HDTV and 1.78 & 1.85 DVDs) will have the most real estate to display their image. And the slightly lower rez 2.35 DVDs and considerably lower rez 4:3 NTSC sources will be slightly smaller on the 16:9 screen.


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Art Sonneborn's Avatar Art Sonneborn 07:52 PM 07-31-2001
I believe that there is much wisdom in the compromised 1.78:1 aspect ratio since it really seems to allow the greatest use of screen for the maximum number of movies. And it also is the HD ratio.
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