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brickie 07-31-2001 06:34 PM

hi, i'm aboout to setup a dalite screen that came stand mounted and wanted to know if height off floor can be issue?i picked up a dalite(picture king is all it says) scrren from a liquidator here in chicago area for $25.case a a little dent but screen looks brand new.it it starts 2ft off floor and screen size is 9 x 7.viewing distance is 15 ft. i will use screen at most likely 8 x 7, or 7 x7.( i might make some masking for letterbox,not really a big deal).projector i'm goping to use is sony 1031, with a line doubled image(dvdo).main question is what is the optimum height for projector for screen.ceiling monts ,etc. are not an option or else i would have mounted screen.how high off floor for projector for best picture?if theres a website for these calculations plz let me know.

thanks marcus

newbie trying to do it right..

Andrew Low 08-01-2001 06:18 AM

Do a search in the CRT forum or CRT archives for setup on a sony. I believe the program you want is called "pjcalc".

2 feet shouldn't be a problem. You are obviously floor mounting your projector? Just put it on a short table or something to compensate.

9x7 might be a bit big for that projector -- you might want a smaller image (it will increase the brightness).


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