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Don Black 07-29-2001 06:28 PM

I'm in the market for a screen for my InFocus LP350. I'd like to stay under $500 for a fixed, non-perforated. 16:9 screen that is approximately 104" diagnolly.

It's my understanding that the Stewart Grayhawks come highly recommended for the LP350. Are they way out of my price range?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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smchan 07-29-2001 08:51 PM

Originally posted by Don Black:
It's my understanding that they Stewart Grayhawks come highly recommended for the LP350. Are they way out of my price range?
I think you're probably looking at $1,000 for a non-perfed Grayhawk based on quotes I've been getting. Consider checking into Da-Lite which AVScience also sells. I think you should find what you want for under $500. If you call Da-Lite they will send you samples to test with your projector.

Draper may also be an option, but I have no idea what they're screens typically sell for.


KFung 07-31-2001 01:51 PM

I would probably choose Da-Lite over Draper, because they have their High Contrast Da-Mat which will give you a bit better performance with a digital projector. I would suggest getting samples from all three manufacturers (and Vutec as well) to see which one you prefer. I know that in most cases I prefer the Greyhawk over the HC Da-Mat, but if you are under budgetary constraints... You'll be surprised, though, how much of a difference the screen can make, you'll want to purchase the one that looks best to your eyes.


Kam Fung

REW 07-31-2001 11:24 PM

The screen can make a big difference(maybe 50%.)

So do we have to wait till the next millenium to see someone(Secrets of)etc do comparative testing of screens on A)CRT(Marquee or equal) B)Dila G20 C)DLP/LCD -with meaningful measurements.Throw in a compound curve screen while you are at it.
PS send measurement gear to Kam.He likes this stuff!

"Your priorities will be different-its the weighting that counts!"

Don Black 08-01-2001 05:15 AM

Thanks guys. Now I'm torn about maybe going with an LT150 instead. So the GrayHawk is definitely out. Da-Lite High Power is looking good....

Does the High Power come with different gain settings? I see people talking about the High Power with a gain of 1.3-1.5. But the quotes AVS and other vendors were giving me were all for High Power screen with a gain of .8. I'm a little confused (what's new, right?).


KFung 08-01-2001 11:10 AM

Don Black,

The 0.8 gain screen they are quoting you is the Da-Lite High Contrast Da-Mat, the High Power is a different screen (2.8 gain as Helen says). I know people have been using it with some success, but I personally don't prefer it over a Grey screen unless one has serious ambient light issues and needs the brightness. The potential for hotspotting is pretty high and in my mind outweighs the benefits of increased brightness.

The best way to tell is really to wait until you get your projector and test it on samples, seeing for yourself is really the best way.


Kam Fung

Don Black 08-01-2001 05:48 PM

Thanks guys. I missed completely the distinction between High Contrast and High Power.

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