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ronbaker's Avatar ronbaker 08:52 AM 08-03-2001
All of the DIY screens I read about here are the "pull black out fabric around wood frame" types. Has anyone tried to install the fabric on a roller and pull it down for use? Is it possible to do this and not have wrinkles? Will it be hard to keep it flat?

Wireless's Avatar Wireless 08:30 AM 08-04-2001
I'm interested in responses to this as well, so......

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Man E's Avatar Man E 07:05 PM 08-04-2001
Well, I don't have experience with this, but a window shade does not have wrinkles. Paint would be out, but if you could find a fabric of the appropriate color, or find a fabric stain, this might work. I think the biggest issue would be finding a shade large enough.


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KBK's Avatar KBK 08:27 PM 08-04-2001
Interestingly enough.. Draper makes window shades. Go figure. interestingly enough.. some of them are acoustically transparent. Go figure. Icebergs have very small tips.


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REW's Avatar REW 09:11 PM 08-04-2001
I cant find those 12-15ft wrinkle free window shades-help.

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