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chris5977 08-05-2001 10:04 AM

Like all single chip DLPs, my LP350 gives an ever so slight greenish cast to fleshtones. I could not remedy this with the projector controls so I created a Pinkhawk.

I tried the pink photo lens, but that robbed the image of too much brightness.

I painted a 6 foot wide 16x9 area on the sheetrock wall with pink paint. I painted the rest of the wall flat black so the image "floats" when the lights are off. I used Priscilla Pink paint made by Parker and sold at Fred Meyer. It's really pink. When the projector is off its obvious that I have a Hot Pink screen. When I fire up the projector something magic happens.

The whites look white, no hint of pink. Fleshtones are perfect. If I put it back to a white or grey screen everybody looks seasick. The most surprising thing was the affect that it had on the blues. They look more saturated and vibrant. Shots of the daytime sky positively glow. Reds are more pleasing, too, with no hint of brown, but maybe still a tad more orange than they should have. Green and yellow still look great. All of the colors are more saturated. In effect, I've turned by DLP into an LCD with no screen door!

The only negative is the black levels are not as good as when I was shooting on my DIY grey screen, but still acceptable to me.

Christopher Young
Seattle, WA

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