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pamajmudar's Avatar pamajmudar 02:02 PM 08-05-2001
Dear Group,
Assuming I go with a Sanyo PLV-60, what is the ideal screen as far as manufacturer, material, gain, size, etc. The projector is a native 16:9 so I was planning to go with a 16:9 screen (96x54) but someone told me to go with an HDTV screen (92x52) Any big differences? My room is 18x15 with viewing distance of about 15+ feet and ceiling height just over 7 feet. Thanks,

Jim Ferguson's Avatar Jim Ferguson 07:16 AM 08-06-2001
96x54 and 92x52 are both approximately the same ratio:

96 / 54 = 1.77777777777778
92 / 52 = 1.76923076923077

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