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programmergeek's Avatar programmergeek 08:11 PM 08-05-2001
I like the da-lite 80"X60" model B video Spectra 1.5 gain pull down screen. The thing that is most appealing is that it can be cleaned. I got samples and I did notice the "sparkles", I not sure if this will bug me so I want to investiagate other options. What other brands / modles should I look at?
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programmergeek's Avatar programmergeek 08:33 AM 08-06-2001
I contacted Draper and they told me that flat white with a 1.0 gain is the standard. Is this true? Do people now veer away from the screens with gain? I am confused I got Da-Lite samples and the one that I thiught looked the best had a gain of 1.5, it seemed to bring more detail out. Should I get a flat white I am using a sharp notevision xg-nv2u 700 ANSI.
KFung's Avatar KFung 09:54 AM 08-06-2001
Your screen is not too large so I would recommend checking out the Da-Lite HC Da-Mat or Stewart Greyhawk. Both are grey screens that will dramatically improve your black level. The HC Da-Mat may be a little too dark for you application, but the Stewart screen will be quite pricey relative to what you paid for your projector (on the other hand it has an optical coating that will slightly enhance you contrast). You should definitely evaluate samples of both.


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