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DanHouck 08-04-2001 03:09 PM

Assume normal seating height, how far off the floor should the screen be put and are there any rules of thumb or reasons for putting it in a certain location? The screen will be a 110" 16:9 Grayhawk. Projector is Boxlight 38T (Sanyo XP21N) with Panamorph lens.

Projector height not a constraint. I can put it wherever it needs to be for the screen height.



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Man E 08-04-2001 08:01 PM


My 8'x4' DIY gray screen is 2' off the floor. A 16:9 is 7.1' of that and consumes the full 4' of height. 2.35:1 is the full 8' width and consumes 3.4' of height but is top anchored (I'm currently floor mounted) which places the bottom of the image ~2.6' from the floor. Part of the reason for this location is the low ceiling (~7') with which I have had to contend. At this height my eyes, when I'm reclined are about 1.5'-2' from the bottom. When I go ceiling mount (when the P752 arrives) then the 2.35:1 will be at the bottom and straight in my face. Full height images can provide that "larger than life" front row feeling. I like both and can zoom 16:9 down some if I don't like it.


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Wireless 08-05-2001 09:12 AM

I'm placing my ~96" wide 16:9 somewhere between 43-48" off the floor, so that my eyes will be slightly above the bottom of the screen. When I go to a movie theater, I usually sit fairly close and noticed that is where my eyes are aligned. No reason other than to duplicate (or exceed) my movie theater experience.

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SVonhof 08-06-2001 01:16 PM

My 100" Stewart is about 41" off the floor (actual screen surface). I did this because of equipment rack that will be below the screen. No real other reason.

Scott Vonhof
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pamajmudar 08-06-2001 02:14 PM

I am planning to put a 110" diag Grayhawk in a room that is 18x15 (viewing distance 15+ feet), but the ceiling is only 7.5' high. If I ceiling-mount it, that means that the bottom of the screen will be only 20" off the floor. Is this a potential problem?

Man E 08-06-2001 03:44 PM


That's almost identical to my room and configuration. An unobstructed path to the screen could be an issue. I have a 7' ceiling and left 15" at the top (planned from the original Panamorph design). This leaves me with 2' at the bottom. Given the room, I like the layout.


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Reed W 08-06-2001 10:50 PM

Dan - I read an article somewhere on home theater design and they said in a perfect world you should try to locate the center of the screen at your eye level.

The main point was if it is too high you will get a stiff neck from looking up, too low from looking down.

Of course there are lots of other considerations, like speaker placement, throw distance, ceiling height, screen size, how it looks on the wall......

Also when you sit to watch a movie you tend to recline back in your chair or couch a little bit, which may make the ideal placement slightly higher than your eye level.

In my case - 100" diagonal, 1:1.85 screen 28" off the floor.

I put some tape on my wall in the rough shape of a screen and looked at it to try out the placement.

Sounds like you are close to getting your system together.

HAVE FUN!!! Reed.

Jason Turk 08-07-2001 12:10 PM

A lot of this is personal preference. Some people like to look up at the screen, others like to look straight on. The only real critical factor is if you have multiple rows of seating. You would ideally want to make sure that the back row of people don't have their view blocked by those in front. That is why many build risers in their theaters as well as having the screen somewhat high.


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