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DADavis 08-10-2001 09:28 AM

I just started this post on the DLP forum, then realized it is most appropriately placed here. Sorry

I have seen comments on this subject but I thought I would start a new thread to get it organized. Essentially I am one of the grateful ones with a new Dell LT150. The picture on a Kmart white sheet ($5.99) is great. But I am now constructing the home theater and need help with choosing the right screen.
My room is 12.5 ft square. The screen will be 4x3 (as I am using a HTPC and will use it for powerpoint and other PC functionality). I plan to mask the top and bottom with black velvet when watching widescreen. 103" diagnol is good with the LT 150 despite the small room. Their will be a small amount of ambient light from large glass sliding doors blocked with thick curtains during the day.

SO.... What is the best screen surface for this projector? The high end local guy wants to sell me a greyhawk (because thats what he always sells. He also wanted to sell me a Runco for the same reason). But a comment somewhere on this forum suggested that a grey screen is not good for this very high contrast projector and that a gain of 1.3 is preferable. PLEASE help. Any comments would be appreciated. I am sure that many newbie LT 150 owners have the same question

Thanks in advance



Don Black 08-11-2001 03:24 PM


The general consensus has been that the DaLite High Power (2.8 gain) screen is the way to go with this projector. Grey screens were considered to be too dark although much better long-term investments for future projectors. The only exception to this is if you have complete control over ambient light and are more sensitive to black level than to color level.

Good luck!

ckolchak 08-11-2001 05:14 PM

just posted something in the other thread

An Even Cheaper Possible Alternative to Hi-Power screens

use a satin or satin-like white fabric (highly reflective) and line the back with black cardboard.
colors were richer, blacks were deeper, and contrast was intensified.
if you have a rainbow problem you will notice it more with this, but at under $30 for the raw materials, most everybody can afford to give it a shot.

look in the thread in the dlp forum for a little more detailed account.

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