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TGroom 08-14-2001 06:51 AM

Ok, I have a problem with the contrast on my projector. I can't seem to get the image bright enough without blooming the tubes. I lose shadow detail big-time. I was thinking of moving to a higher gain screen to try to help this problem. I am using a black-out fabric screen now (72x41). I was wondering if anyone still uses the Draper M2500, and if there are still problems with streaking on this screen. I haven't seen any mention of this screen for quite a few months. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. Thanks.


P.S. I am using a 4101 with an IScan. I don't have complete light control in the room, but I only watch it at night so this isn't a problem.

DMan 08-14-2001 11:53 AM

I don't know if the 4101 can take a higher resolution (600p or 720p) or not, but I noticed a HUGE difference when I went from an iScan (480p) to a scaler a couple years ago. Just seemed to me that 480p doesn't have enough line structure for a FPTV setup. Even on a screen your size.

I currently use a NEC 6PG Plus which is a 7" CRT projector as well and my screen is a 80"x45" 1.3 gain screen. I am using a scaler that outputs 1280x720p and the image is plenty bright.

BTW, I was using a Draper M2500 before, and while it did help in the contrast level, the low gain screen is much preferred for CRT use for it's color balance and white field uniformity.

The Academy Home Theater

TGroom 08-14-2001 03:58 PM

I guess I really shouldn't say it isn't bright enough. It just seems like the shadow detail isn't there. Movies like 13th Warrior are almost impossible to watch, and some like Antz are hard to make out any details (when they are underground). We watched Mousehunt the other night, and although watchable, the blacks just seemed to overpower the movie and make it hard to make out details. I know a scaler would help, but just can't justify another $1000 to the spouse at this time. Did you notice a lot of color-shifting on your old screen, did it bother you that much. Thanks for the reply.


DMan 08-14-2001 08:35 PM

If you are looking for it you can see the color shift and hotspotting, but overall most movies didn't suffer too bad. Just don't expect to watch bright white movies like Fargo or A Simple Plan, because the bright white outdoor scenes accentuate the color shift problems.

The Academy Home Theater

TGroom 08-15-2001 06:14 AM

That is kind of what I figured. I am concerned the most with the problems people were having with this screen material, streaks and such. Was wondering if those quality problems have been solved. I guess I will have to get one and find out. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif Thanks for the help. If I end up getting one I will post my impressions of it.


DMan 08-15-2001 08:02 AM


One more thing to add. Whoever you order the Draper screen from, make sure that they indicate to Draper that you want the screen material rolled on a core! Many folks on this very forum have received the screen material folded up in a bag and it took a long time (sometimes never) for all the wrinkles and fold lines to disappear.

I have no idea if this was for all Draper screens or only certain models. In any event, I would still convey this to the seller.

The Academy Home Theater

bhadsell 08-15-2001 08:11 AM

Thanks, DMan, for raising a subject that needs correcting. DRAPER now ships the screen materials of our permanently tensioned screens rolled on a core. (Previously, only the M2500 was shipped rolled.) This has eliminated the folding/creasing problems you mentioned. Also, for an additional cost, we can ship the screen assembled. You may want to ask your dealer to investigate the price difference.

Hope you enjoy your screen, Tim!

Bob Hadsell
Home Theatre Sales Manager

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