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DanHouck 08-18-2001 08:13 AM

I sent this email to Stewart after installing and using my new Stewart Grayhawk. The screen is 4:3, 86" wide.


I recently purchased a Grayhawk 86" wide, 4:3 through AVS. I'd like to offer some feedback on the install and performance. My projector is a Sanyo XP21N/Boxlight 38T LCD.


Shipping packaging was superb. The people who handled it did not ding it much but when I opened it, it was clear the packaging could take tremendous abuse without damage. Very good job!

Frame assembly: Went very well. I found the use of a few taps with a towel-wrapped rubber hammer very helpful to get it really tight.

Problem encountered with the hanging brackets. The spacing on these was not quite correct, they were a little too close together. I had to ream the bolt holes on one end to get them so they would fit the spacing of the brackets attached to the screen frame. Suggestion: Provide these with slotted holes on one end and directions as to how to fit them to the screen brackets. Also, the diagram needs to be made clearer so that everyone understands the brackets on the wall hangers fit OUTSIDE of those on the screen.

Screen snapped on perfectly and is absolutely wrinkle free. Suggestion: Install directions should emphasize the need to check each snap again after all are snapped on, to make sure all are fully snapped.

Overall: Very nice install, directions could be more detailed, and bracket problem needs to be addressed.


This screen mates perfectly with this LCD projector! I found it necessary to return brightness to default settings to bring the color "life" up. The improvement to contrast and black level is MAJOR! I think this screen is absolutely perfect for the brighter projector, though I would wonder how well it would do with some of the dimmer ones as it clearly absorbs significant amounts of light. For certain, it is a very good fit with the 2500 lumen XP21N!

I greatly recommend the vellum covering of the frame. It absorbs 100% of any light spill and makes the picture so sharp inside the frame it seems to jump out at you.


From packaging to build quality to performance, this screen is worth the price. A few minor improvements in wall bracket design and better instructions are the only things needed here. Otherwise, a perfect "10".

Dan Houck

DanHouck 08-20-2001 11:36 AM

I got a call today from Stewart's North American sales manager, a gentleman by the name of Joaquin Rivera. He thanked me for the feedback and stated they are addressing both the directions and the wall bracket spacing.

Isn't it nice to buy something from someone who actually listens to their customers?

Way to go, Stewart Filmscreen! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Dan Houck

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